Rocalba -Gigante de Italia- Parsley Seeds Tape

Rocalba -Gigante de Italia- Parsley Seeds Tape
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Alchimia Grow Shop presents "Gigante de Italia" Parsley Seeds Tape by Rocalba, paper tapes with seeds distributed at an optimum distance to make sowing in open ground in a vegetable patch as easy as possible.

"Gigante de Italia" parsley seeds tape, very aromatic and with large leaves

“Gigante de Italia” parsley (Petroselinum crispum) is an herbaceous plant belonging to the Apiaceae family. It is native to the central Mediterranean region and naturalised in the rest of Europe. It is used in many parts in the world for its aromatic properties.

It has a biennial development although it can be cultivated as an annual plant. It can grow up to 60cm, developing upright stems culminating in clusters of small green, black and yellow flowers. These are cradled by a multitude of large rosette leaves.

It can be germinated throughout the year in areas with temperate climates, with the best time being between late winter and early summer. The tape of seeds is placed in a small furrow with a mixture of soil and worm humus or compost. It is then soaked well with water, covered with 1cm of soil and watered again to moisten the substrate.

"Gigante de Italia" parsley seeds tape, a strong and very adaptable plant

The seeds sprout in about 20-30 days provided with medium density substrate rich in organic matter, constant humidity but without waterlogging and a temperature between 15 and 35ºC. It has a slow germination, which is helped by soaking the seeds 24 hours before sowing.

It is strong and undemanding plant which can adapt well to both cold and heat, although it prefers the latter. It is advisable to provide enough room for the roots to develop deeply, and not to lack moisture so that the leaves stay fresh. It may be advisable to use an automatic drip irrigation system, especially in summer.

The leaves are harvested about 70 days after sowing, collecting the largest leaves and allowing the plant to regrow. Undoubtedly we can enjoy a fresh and peppery aroma as well as its many properties all year round without exhausting the plant.

Rocalba "Gigante de Italia" Parsley Seeds Tape info:

  • 3 tapes x 1.67m
  • Biodegradable paper tapes with seeds embedded at an ideal distance
  • Herbaceous plant, grow up to 60cm
  • Upright stems, large leaves and small flowers
  • Sowing: between late winter and mid-summer
  • Ideal for simple and effective cultivation in a vegetable path
  • Harvest: from 70 days onwards, collecting the large leaves so as not to exhaust the plant
  • Harvest without plucking the whole plant in order to enjoy it much longer

Properties of Rocalba -Gigante de Italia- Parsley Seeds Tape

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