Terra Aquatica - General Hydroponics

Terra Aquatica - General Hydroponics

General Hydroponics was born in 1975 near San Francisco, California. Its fame spreaded to Canada, Australia, and finally came to Europe in 1995, specifically in Fleurance - France - where GHE Europe was founded.

Today, GH is one of the most reputed companies in the scientific community for the quality and reliability of its products and for its constant innovation in hydroponic, aeroponic and bioponic - biological hydroponic - systems.

General Hydroponics develops Aero-Hydroponics, that is to say, a technology based on growing plants without substrate by using a well-balanced nutrient solution saturated with oxygen.

GHE Europe makes all types of tests in a greenhouse located next to its facilities. Thus, they can monitor the performance of different growing systems (AeroFlo, Dutch Pot, EcoGrower), the properties of their range of fertilizers and additives (FloraDuo, Floranova, FloraMato, Flora Series, BioSevia, Diamond Nectar...), and those of prevention and control systems (pH regulators, BioProtect, ...) as well as different substrates.

GHE is leader in hydroponics and guarantees the best results from your crops. In fact, they were pioneers in California with the first solar energy grow system.

General Hydroponics means excellent quality.

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T.A. pH - (formerly GHE's Ph Down®)

We have found a means to regulate the pH that also has other benefits, in addition to the balanced mixture of acids. We have incorporated organic buffers into the product in order [...]

  • 500 ml 7.00€ 6.65€
  • 1L 12.00€

T.A pH+

Terra Aquatica pH+ - 1 L is used to raise the pH, it is very helpful for growers who use water that is demineralised or has passed through an osmosis filter. [...]

  • 1L 12.00€ 11.40€
UP TO 25%

FlashClean by T.A. (formerly GHE's FloraKleen®)

FlashClean by Terra Aquatica (formerly GHE's FloraKleen®) is a product specially developed to dissolve salts excess accumulated in the substrate, now available [...]

  • 1L 13.60€ 10.85€
  • 5L 31.87€ 23.90€
UP TO 5%

FinalPart by T.A. (formerly GHE's Ripen®)

Fertilizer for the end of flowering: NPK: 0-6-5. FinalPart from T.A. is a special product of the Terra Aquatica company. It isn't an additive or s [...]

  • 1 L 10.00€ 9.50€
  • 5 L 32.10€

Terra Aquatica Tripart Kit: Grow, Micro & Bloom

In this kit you can find the three basic fertilisers from the TriPart range, a system designed by Cal Herrman, formerly a chemist at NASA and the University of Berkeley in Californ [...]

  • 1L 33.60€ 31.90€
  • 5 L 116.10€ 110.25€

T.A. TriPart Bloom (formerly GHE's FloraBloom®)

TriPart-Series from Terra Aquatica is the result of 20 years of research, experimentation and use, designed by Cal Herrmann, formerly chemical of the NASA and the [...]

  • 1 L 10.80€ 10.25€
  • 5 L 34.80€ 33.05€

T.A. TriPart Grow (formerly GHE's FloraGro®)

TriPart-Series from Terra Aquatica is the result of 20 years of research, experimentation and use, designed by Cal Herrmann, formerly chemical of the NASA and the [...]

  • 1 L 10.00€
  • 5 L 32.10€

Kit TriPart Complet - Terra Aquatica

Alchimia presents the TriPart Complete Kit by Terra Aquatica, with all the products by this brand necessary to obtain a great cultivation, from th [...]

  • 139.90€ 125.90€

Kit NovaMax Complet - Terra Aquatica

Alchimia presents Nova Max Complete Kit by Terra Aquatica, a set that contains the Nova Max base fertiliser together with all the necessary nutrients for a perfect [...]

  • 159.10€ 135.20€

Kit DualPart Complete - Terra Aquatica

Alchimia presents the Dualpart Complete Kit by Terra Aquatica, a set that includes a base fertiliser and all the necessary nutrients to co [...]

  • 128.70€ 115.80€

Kit DualPart Coco Complete - Terra Aquatica

The DualPart Coco Complete Kit from Terra Aquatica is now available at Alchimiaweb. It is a specifically formulated nutrient kit to ensure that cannabis plants [...]

  • (Out of stock) 138.30€ 117.55€
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