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Alchimia presents the TriPart Complete Kit by Terra Aquatica, with all the products by this brand necessary to obtain a great cultivation, from the three basic fertilisers to the necessary supplements for growth, flowering and substrate enrichment with beneficial micro-organisms.

TriPart Kit is composed of TriPart Grow, TriPart Bloom and TriPart Micro, with a nutrition base for all cultivation stages. These products are available separately or together as part of the Grow Micro Bloom Kit.

TriPart Grow, composed of nitrogen and potassium, ensures stable and vigorous growth by strengthening the plant's branches.

TriPart Bloom contains phosphorous, potassium, magnesium and sulphur, which increases root formation and promotes the development of flowers and fruits.

TriPart Micro provides the plant with nitrogen and calcium, plus all the essential micro-elements for a complete regimen.

In addition to the TriPart line, this kit adds other supplements:

  • Pro Roots: Root activator. It promotes the micro-organisms growth around the root, boosting the development of the primary and secondary rooting.
  • Pro Bloom: Its main function is to relocate the nutrients in the plant parts where they are most lacking. By ensuring nutrient distribution, it increases the plant's absorption and growth capacity by more than 20%.
  • Seaweed: Extract made from seaweed extracted from the Norwegian Sea. It presents a very broad action spectrum. It can be applied both during growth and flowering, boosting various plant functions such as photosynthesis, leaf and root development, etc. It is recommended for foliar use during growth.
  • Silicate: Formulated with organic matter from ancient sea beds. It is biologically transformed and provides natural silicic acid clay that stimulates the beneficial micro-organisms growing for optimal roots growth. It contributes to a healthy natural environment for plant development.
  • Fulvic: A unique fulvic acid extract rich in organic substances and essential minerals. It is optimal in all growth stages thanks to its regulating and chelating action, improving the nutrients assimilation by converting them into easily absorbed particles. It distributes these elements throughout the plant, from roots, branches, leaves, flowers and fruits.

Terra Aquatica TriPart Kit elements:

  • TriPart Grow - 1L
  • TriPart Bloom - 1L
  • TriPart Micro - 1L
  • T.A. Pro Roots - 30 ml
  • T.A. Pro Bloom - 30 ml
  • T.A. Fulvic - 1L
  • T.A. Seaweed - 1L
  • T.A. Silicate - 1Kg

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