Terra Aquatica Tripart Kit: Grow, Micro & Bloom

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In this kit you can find the three basic fertilisers from the TriPart range, a system designed by Cal Herrman, formerly a chemist at NASA and the University of Berkeley in California, for over 20 years.

It offers the three essential components to meet the needs of all types of plants regardless of the stage in their life cycle, providing the plant with quality nutrients, rich in vitamins and without heavy metals, which improves and enhances the taste of its flowers.

Each of the three components of TriPart Terra Aquatica Series is specially prepared to increase the proportion of essential oils and aroma in the plant. They can be supplied both in irrigation and by foliar application.

Both TriPart Grow and TriPart Bloom contain silicates that help root decomposition to stimulate plant structure and fight fungal pathogens.

The part dedicated to growth, TriPart Grow is made up mainly of nitrogen and potassium to stimulate the stems and make them more robust, as well as ensuring stable and healthy growth.

For its part, TriPart Bloom contains phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and sulfur, so you can multiply the creation of roots with a powerful development of flowers or fruits.

The last component of the kit is the TriPart Micro, whose main function is to supply the plant with nitrogen and calcium, as well as all the essential microelements for a complete diet .

If youre looking for a kit with all compatible add-ons within the Terra Aquatica range, we also have the Terra Aquatica Complete Tripart Kit.

Grow Micro Bloom Kit by Terra Aquatica contains:

  • TriPart Grow
  • TriPart Bloom
  • TriPart Micro
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