CANNA Terra Vega (Growth)

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A plant must be healthy and strong to perform a vigorous growth. For this reason CANNA has developed Terra Vega. This nutritious product for plant growth is adapted for pre-fertilised soils, but can also be applied in poor soils.

Terra Vega from CANNA is a fertiliser rich in directly absorbable Nitrogen compounds, as well as Iron in the form of high performance EDDHA chelates.

This ensures an optimal absorption of the nutrients since the early stages of the crop.

Properties of CANNA Terra Vega (Growth)

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Opinions about CANNA Terra Vega (Growth) and questions


SZILVESZTER 12-03-2015
hello buddy! I'm beginner Gardener! i need some help about the CANNA terra vega, terra flors , and pk 13/14 and the terra flors can I use with the PK 13-14 same time ? thx

Alchimia Staff

Alchimia Grow Shop 13-03-2015


Terra Vega is an excellent growth fertilizer for using during the vegetative stage.

Terra flores (flowering fertilizer) should be used since the beginning of flowering until the flushing stage (2 weeks before harvest). You should add PK13/14 during the 4th and 5th week of flowering, mixed with Terra Flores.

Hope it helped, thanks for your confidence.

Best vibes!

p.s. Notice you can click on the feeding charts below the picture of the products

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