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CANNABOOST is one of the best flowering stimulators on the market today, it's formula has been specially developed by CANNA to boost the metabolism and photosynthesis functions of cannabis plants and significantly increase the quantity and quality of flowers.

The plant's uptake of nutrients is dependent upon it's health and metabolic rate, and by improving these factors CANNABOOST stimulates the development of new bud-sites to ensure heavier flower crops.

At the same time it promotes a more even and gradual ripening of the flowers, leading to a more consistent harvest and not only producing thicker, denser buds but also boosting essential oil production, thus vastly improving flavour and terpene levels.

Another benefit of using CANNABOOST is that the improvement in efficiency and increase in available energy potentiates the immune system, meaning your plants will be more resistant and in optimum health condition to fight diseases and pests throughout the flowering phase right up till harvest day.

CANNABOOST is a universal flowering stimulator, meaning it can be used in combination with any type of nutrients and in any growing system. It can be applied either to the roots via irrigation or as a foliar spray to be directly absorbed by the leaves.

To achieve even more impressive results, CANNA recommend using in combination with CANNA PK 13/14 to make extra flowering nutrients available as CANNABOOST boosts metabolic efficiency and increases the plant's ability to take-up and convert energy.

CANNABOOST is the mineral version of the organic flowering stimulator Bio Boost from the BIOCANNA range.

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