T.A. TriPart Bloom (formerly GHE's FloraBloom®)

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TriPart-Series from Terra Aquatica is the result of 20 years of research, experimentation and use, designed by Cal Herrmann, formerly chemical of the NASA and the Berkeley University in California.

This system formed by three components allows controlling the growth of plants. A combination of three products (TriPart Grow, TriPart Bloom and TriPart FloraMicro) allows mixing a wide range of different nutrient solutions to meet the needs of virtually all types of plants in the different stages of their life cycle. Varying combinations and concentrations of the mixture the development of plants can be controlled with precision.

TriPart Bloom from T.A. contains phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and sulfur that stimulate the proliferation of roots and the development of flowers and fruits. TriPart Bloom and TriPart Grow contain silicates that are fighting against the mold and the decomposition of roots at the same time that stimulate the structure of the plants.

Each of the three components of TriPart-Series from T.A. is specially prepared to increase the proportion of essential oils and perfume in the plant.

Terra Aquatica fertilisers allows obtaining optimal quality nutrients, rich in vitamins, mineral salts, which also taste better. Products grown with these nutrients contain up to 3 times more nutrients than a control group cultivated in soil. And no trace of heavy metals. These solutions were studied for a perfect solubility of mineral salts that remain stable and available thanks to a unique, regulatory action of the pH. It is an ideal instrument for hydroponic cultivation but also for other traditional systems.

They are effective in irrigations and also as foliar spray. For an easier use, there are clear indications on the label. In rock wool and Hydroponic systems knowing the water quality is important.

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