FlashClean by T.A. (formerly GHE's FloraKleen®)

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FlashClean by Terra Aquatica (formerly GHE's FloraKleen®) is a product specially developed to dissolve salts excess accumulated in the substrate, now available in Alchimia!

Whether for washing roots before harvest, or to treat fertiliser excess, FlashClean helps plants assimilate the salts in the substrate, clean it and enhance plants make the most of the available nutritional elements.

FlashClean helps to rectify fertiliser excess and prepare root washing

Used as a preventative measure, FlashClean prevents salt build-up in the hydroponic systems avoiding pipes or drippers clogging. At the same time it promotes micro-organisms life in the substrate by balancing the nutrients available for healthy and vigorous plants.

FlashClean is also very useful in case of excessive fertilisation and plant assimilation blockage, since it cleans quickly the substrate and rebalances the availability of the various elements.

Finally, it is ideal to start rinsing the plants and clean their root system, promoting senescence and optimise the harvest taste.

GHE recommends using FlashClean in combination with FinalPart, before and after it, in order to maximise its benefits on the cultivation.

FlashClean is not a mineral dissolving acid, is not based on an enzymatic solution, it does not add magnesium or other additives to the nutrient solution or substrate. It can be used at any time to refresh the substrate or rectify an excess without affecting the substrate or plant health.

How to use Terra Aquatica FlashClean

Hydroponics recirculation systems:

  • Refresh the system before changing the nutrient solution: 1-3 ml per L before draining and replacing the nutrient solution. Circulate the solution 24 hours.
  • After an excess: empty the nutritive solution and add 1.5ml (young plants) to 3ml (adult plants) of water with adjusted pH. Circulate 24 hours before emptying and add the nutritive solution.
  • Rinse before harvest: Empty the tank, and then use a water solution with adjusted pH with 1.5 to 3ml FlashClean per L of water. Circulate the solution during two days before harvest.

Soil and coconut:

  • Before a fertiliser change or in case of fertiliser excess, every 15 days as a preventive measure: add 1.5 ml (young plants) to 3 ml (adult plants) of FlashClean per L of water with adjusted pH. Irrigate until the water flows through the pots bottom. In the next watering, continue with the chosen fertiliser plan.
  • Pre harvest root washing: Replace the fertiliser with 3 ml FlashClean per L of water during two days before harvest.

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