T.A. Oligo Espectruc (formerly GHE Bio Essentials)

T.A. Oligo Espectruc (formerly GHE Bio Essentials)
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Terra Aquatica Oligo Espectruc, formerly GHE Bio Essentials is a concentration of trace elements in chelated form, essential trace elements and organic buffers. In conjunction with the primary and secondary elements, the trace and micro-elements are the necessary nutrients for a balanced and harmonious growth of plants.

Some of these particles are required in so minor quantities that they aren't generally added to most formulas. However, all the laboratory tests showed a marked improvement in the health of the plants and their ability to withstand the attack of insects when these elements were added. The chelate is released only if it's missing in the nutrient solution.

In these way, chelates manage to maintain the stability of the solution and also protect the plant against harmful excesses. With the rapid growth, plants absorb significant quantities of mineral salts of the solution and destabilise its pH. The faster the growth, the more fragile this balance will be. That is why it is essential to have good quality buffers to help pH stabilisation. Buffers also check the level of calcium in the solution, a decisive triumph when using hard water.

Oligo Espectruc from Terra Aquatica is a necessary complement for all the liquid or powder nutrients. With the exception of Flora-Series and One Part, which already have all of these elements.

It can be used as an additive to the nutrient solution in hydroponic crops, in soil, and also as foliar spray.

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