Marijuana growing systems

Everything related to the different grow systems used by cannabis farmers. Hydroponics, aeroponics, vertical growing systems, soil, coco coir...

LST - Low Stress Training for cannabis plants

Use highly visible string to avoid getting tangled!

Plant training - a low-stress alternative to pruning

Cannabis is a robust, vigorous and fast-growing plant which responds very well to crop optimisation techniques such as: pruning; propagation via cuttings; hydroponic cultivation and more. In a previous article we looked at the so-called "destructive" techniques like pruning, super-cropping, etc, and in this article we’re going to talk about a very useful technique both for indoor and outdoor growers: Training or tying down, often referred to by cannabis growers as LST (low stress training). This technique originated in the agricultural sector, where for generations vineyards and orchards have been cultivated using a variety of training techniques, to facilitate harvesting and improve the productivity of the crop.

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The SOG cannabis growing method

Sea of Green

SOG or Sea of Green is a marijuana growing technique used to take advantage of all the available growing space. Basically, we only need to completely cover the whole space with relatively small pots, as many as needed. The number of pots used will depend on both the size of the pots and the available space. For our example, we will use a 1m2 growing tent and tell you a few tips that everyone should remember in order to achieve a successful SOG crop.

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The SCROG cannabis growing system

Cannabis plants flowering in a SCROG setup

The SCROG training technique is a growing system that allows us to get the best yields from our grow tent with very few plants.

SCROG are the initials of Screen of Green, a technique in which plants are grown, literally, through a mesh or screen.

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How to grow marijuana plants in mapito

Amesika 2.0

What is mapito ?

Mapito is a growing substrate used by Dutch growers on indoor crops due to its features, like excellent oxygenation or  moisture retention . It’s composed of rock wool and polyethylene flakes.

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