How to install a hydroponic growing system for marijuana plants

How to assemble hydroponic growing systems

Nowadays there are many ways to grow marijuana plants, but today we will focus on hydroponic growing systems. One of the advantages of hydroponic systems is the explosive growth of the rootball, what entails a greater vegetative growth and therefore a higher final yield of our favourite flowers.

Marijuana plants in rock wool slabs
Marijuana plants in rock wool slabs

The first thing that we must take into account about hydroponic crops is that our plants live in an inert substrate such as coco fibres, rock wool or clay pebbles  (expanded clay). There are also systems known as NFT or aeroponics that consist of spraying a thin film of nutrient solution on the roots, which are hanging in the void sustained in netpots. This means that the adequate nutrient solution needed for each stage of the plant's life is directly supplied to the roots mixed with lots of oxygen in each watering.

Next, we will focus on how to mount a hydroponic system with coco or rock wool slabs for a growing space of 1 m2.

All the needed materials to make the assembly and those that must be taken into account are the following:

  1. 90L Water tank
  2. 1200l/h Water Pump with built-in flow control
  3. 1.00x1.10 m Growing Tray
  4. Drip irrigation tubes, 20 mm Ø (4m length)
  5. Hose, 20 mm Ø (1m length)
  6. 2 T-Connectors
  7. 1 Bend-Connector (Elbow-Connector)
  8. Metallic flanges for water, 14 units
  9. Plug for the end of the duct, 3 units
  10. Microtubes, 25 units
  11. Droppers, 25 units
  12. Digital Timer 1 minute (on/off) for the water pump
  •  Drainage, composed of:
  1. Small 40 L water tank

Homemade hydroponics

The first thing we have to do before starting to assemble the system is cleaning and disinfecting the space that we will use for the crop: even if it?s a growing tent, a room or any other place prepared for growing marijuana plants.

Once disinfected the growing zone, place the 1x1m growing table.

Next, the installation the automatic watering system for 5 slabs with 5 cuttings per slab, i.e., 25 cuttings:

Take the drip irrigation tube of 20 mm Ø and cut it into 4 pieces of 1m length. The first tube of 1 m length will be used as main irrigation drip line, from which the 3 secondary lines will come out. Then, cut this main tube into 3 pieces; the first piece 20 cm long, the second 40 cm and the third 20 cm. Place a T-connector (2) in each cut, and a bend-connector (elbow-connector) at the end of the last one, fitting every intersection between tubes with metal flanges to prevent leaks. Now we can join the remaining 3 tubes -each one of 20 mm Ø and 1 m length - with the main  drip line. Once placed the 3 secondary drip lines, insert the 3 plugs at the end of each one so the circuit is closed.

Automatic watering for rock wool slabs
Automatic watering for rock wool slabs

Rock wool wad adhered to the slab
Rock wool cube adhered to the slab

Once the circuit is closed, assemble the microtubes by directly inserting them into the 3 tubes of 20 mm Ø, which are the secondary drip lines. Make a small hole in the tube with a punch and insert the microtubes exerting a little pressure, keeping in mind that when we turn on the irrigation pump these microtubes won?t shoot out due to the pressure of water.

Make 10 holes - to place 10 microtubes - in the first of the secondary drip lines,  10 more holes in the second one and 5 holes in the last one,  to place the last 5 microtubes. Insert a screwed dropper of 4l/h on each microtube; in such way we can easily control the flow of nutrient solution according to the needs of the plants. Finally, connect one end of the hose to the main drip line and the other end to the water pump, which is placed inside the 90 L water tank located under the growing table.

Water tank and pump for rock wool
Water tank and pump for rock wool

The automatic watering system is already assembled, so the only thing left to do is assembling the drainage system.

Place the growing tray on the support table and the coco or rock wool slabs into it.

Water Pump connected to the irrigation tube
Water Pump connected to the irrigation tube

Distribute the slabs so that the first one goes next to the first secondary drip line, the 2nd one next to the 2nd secondary drip line, the 3rd next to the 3rd secondary drip line, the 4th next to the 4th secondary drip line and the 5th and last slab next to the 5th  secondary drip line.

Place the small tank (40 L) under the drainage hole of the growing tray.

The hydroponic system is already assembled, and now we only need to connect the digital timer to the automatic watering pump and put our cuttings or plants, enjoying the explosive growth of our crops!!

Hydroponic crop in rock wool
Hydroponic crop in rock wool

Hydroponic crop of marijuana plants
Hydroponic crop of marijuana plants

Water pump in a marijuana crop with rock wool
Water pump in a marijuana crop with rock wool

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palaidabala 2020-10-18
Hi. i would like to ask how i should know if its going to be enouth space for roots and also how to know how many l/hr plant needs in the diferent stages, how big and how many stops i need to make in hr? thx


ploploplo Is an Alchimia client 2017-12-24
Hi, i would like to know what is the watering schedule with this kind of system. Thanks.


William 2017-04-06
Where's the best place to get seeds

Alchimia Staff

Dani Alchimia 2017-04-07
Hi William, You can visit our shop, we have more than 1.500 strains available for you, a large number of seed companies and free gifts withn every purchase. Best!


Arman 2016-04-01
Thanks for all these information.I have started growing about three month.would you attention and help me please?

Alchimia Staff

Dani Alchimia 2016-04-04
Hi Arman, Of course we'll help you in any way we can! You can leave your doubts and comments here and we'll be pleased to reply them. Thanks for your confidence.

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