Organic Cannabis farming

More than ever, today we must take care of our environment, so we present here a new Blog category about organic farming. Thanks to this type of farming, we use natural resources in a rational and sustainable way, without the need to use chemical products or GMO (genetically modified organisms). From how to make your own 100% natural boosters and nutrients to how to use other plants to protect your cannabis crops, in this category you'll find everything you need to know about organic farming.

How to make Seed Sprout Tea (SST) for cannabis plants

How to make Seed Sprout Tea (SST) for cannabis plants

What is Seed Sprout Tea or SST?

Despite forming part of Chinese cuisine and medicine for centuries or even millennia, it's only been in the last 30 or 40 years that the western world has really woken up to the health benefits of eating seed sprouts, or germinated seeds. These days it's widely accepted that adding some sprouted beans or other seeds to our daily diet is highly beneficial for their high content of protein, enzymes, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. But did you know we can get some great results by adding seed sprouts to the diet of our cannabis plants too?

Yes, it's true! Our plants can make the most of the beneficial properties of sprouted seeds and enjoy a natural boost in growth and plant health. Seed sprout tea (SST) is an easy, economical and environmentally-friendly way in which we can irrigate our garden with our own homemade plant growth stimulant, rich in phytohormones, enzymes, minerals and nutrients, and is suitable for use on cannabis plants in vegetative growth as well as during the flowering period, depending on the seeds being used.

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Growing marijuana with homemade compost

Growing marijuana with homemade compost
Composting process

What is compost?

Compost is an excellent organic fertilizer resulting from the controlled decomposition of any organic, solid or semi-solid material. Several microorganisms are responsible for breaking down organic waste to turn it into a digestible product for marijuana plants .

Compost can be bought in different states: while in nature the creation process takes place by itself, if it's homemade, in addition to obtaining a good fertilizer for our marijuana plants, you recycle organic waste, thus contributing to the planet conservation.

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