Guide for choosing your marijuana strain

A guide for choosing your cannabis strain according to yields, flowering time, THC content, awards,...

Rare cannabis strains

Most interesting and curious cannabis strains

Throughout the history of marijuana, breeders have strived to find the best possible specimens of each strain in order to get hold of the highest quality plants, refine their lineages, and obtain new hybrids that are as solid as impressive. But the truth is that Mother Nature is unpredictable and sometimes she surprises and delights us with some unique and out of the ordinary plants, which stand out for their morphology or ability to adapt, developing very different traits to what we commonly consider as marijuana.

Botanical inquisitiveness has led some breeders who have encountered these "mutant strains" to investigate whether they possess interesting features that could be used in cannabis breeding, thus popularizing these hybrids' peculiarities, pros, and cons.

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How to make feminised cannabis seeds

Until the 1990s, any cannabis cultivator was aware that, at some point, they had to separate the male and female plants if they didn't want the first ones to pollinate the latter, which results in plants completely full of seeds. However, those were the days when pioneering seed banks like Dutch Passion were revolutionizing the cannabis scene with the birth of the first feminized cannabis strains, or in other words, seeds that only develop into female plants. At the beginning of the 20th century, many seeds banks were offering this type of seeds, feminized versions of classics strains that had been cultivated during many years as regular plants.

We are sure that by now you’d probably have grown some feminized seeds, maybe even though you are a purist and the fiercest defender of regular seeds. But... do you know where feminized seeds come from? Are you familiar with the processes used by both breeders and growers to obtain them? In this article we explain everything!

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Hemp and Marijuana - what's the difference?

Classification and taxonomy of cannabis

Even though it is estimated that the cannabis plant has been accompanying humanity for millennia, confusion still exists today regarding the classification of its species or varieties. In fact, the debate on how to classify this plant has been active for more than two centuries: are the different varieties of cannabis typical of a single and very diverse species? Or is it a polytypic genre with several species? In this article we will investigate and explain the main differences between hemp and marijuana.

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5 Cannabis varieties with discreet aromas

Pink Plant (Photo: Eva Seeds)

Among its many cherished characteristics, cannabis is highly appreciated for its aromas, but sometimes plants can generate a smell so powerful that it can attract the attention of neighbours and this issue can become a serious problem for those growing weed outdoors, where maximum discretion is essential and in which the use of carbon filters or other anti-odour systems is impossible.

In these cases choosing a cannabis variety that gives off discreet aromas is a good idea if we want to limit the smell generated by our garden, especially for outdoor crops on terraces and balconies. For this reason, you should avoid any genetics that stand out for their powerful and telltale aromas typical of cannabis, these include the varieties of the Diesel or Skunk families, Cheese or the Sour Diesel among many others... we are talking about varieties with a very high terpene content, which are distinguished by their characteristic, persistent and highly volatile aromas.

In this article we look at a selection of the varieties most recognised for their subtle and discreet scents, to help you avoid security headaches and uninvited guests at your grow spot.

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7 mould resistant cannabis strains

Moulds can quickly ruin your plants during the last weeks of the flowering stage, that's why many growers choose mould resistant cannabis strains to guarantee success. This type of genetics are resistant to high relative humidity levels, rarely developing moulds like botrytis or powdery mildew even if grown in humid climates.

If you checked the link above, you may have seen a wide rage of mould resistant varieties. Still, we want to make your decision easier for you by listing some of our favourites, genetics that - for one reason or another - have captivated us for their excellent results in humid climates. Let's see them now!

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7 cannabis strains with uplifting effect

The energizing effect of some cannabis strains is, without a doubt, a true favourite among many users. This uplifting feeling - often called "high" - is often associated to Sativa genetics with high THC content, although other plants with different cannabinoid ratios can provide a very pleasant, social and creative effect.

For this reason, and within the myriad of feminised seeds available on the market, we have selected 7 marijuana strains that will increase your creativity and social side, improve your mood and motivate you to perform daily activities. We hope you'll enjoy their vibrant energy!

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5 Auto strains that you must grow

5 autoflowering strains that will surprise you

The quality of autoflowering (also known as automatic or simply auto) genetics have been greatly improved over the past years. Today, cannabis breeders develop top quality auto versions of some of the most acclaimed photoperiod varieties, so this type of genetics is being increasingly used by many growers.

Auto strains are ideal for those with small growing spaces, to make several outdoor crops per year easily or for those who have an outdoor growing space with light pollution (which can make it impossible to grow photoperiod strains). While just a few years ago the quality of these strains was mediocre, today you can find literally hundreds of autoflowering strains coming from the best genetics on the market.

We want to make things easy for you, that's why today we present you a list of 5 extraordinary auto varieties that you should definitely try if you're interested in this useful type of cannabis plants. New and classic strains, CBD-rich plants, high yielding'll find whatever you're looking for!

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Cannabis strains with fruity flavour

Today, we have thounsands of cannabis strains with tens of different traits, so that virtually any type of grower can easily find what he's looking for. Today we'll focus on strains with fruity flavour, like oranges, lemons, strawberries or blueberries. Thus, in this article we'll list some of the best and most reputed fruity cannabis strains, which have a terpene profile (terpenes are aromatic molecules which give marijuana its particular scent and taste) reminiscent of these fruits.

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7 fast flowering cannabis strains

Sometimes, you may not be sure about which cannabis strains to purchase for your next grow. Your personal taste and circumstances will greatly determine your decision, so while some of you may be looking for high yields or certain effect, others may prefer strains resistant to moulds or with the shortest possible flowering period.

In many occasions, the path followed by breeders to develop their genetics is similar, looking to fix certain traits in the offspring. Thus, today we'll present a list of strains known for their early flowering trait. As you'll see next, all varieties listed here have a bloom period no longer than 8 weeks, something that - on the other hand - doesn't question their quality at all.

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7 high yielding cannabis strains

Among the myriad of marijuana strains available on the market nowadays, some of them stand out for certain traits which have been fixed during the breeding process and that will determine the main characteristics of each genetics. The most desirable and sought-after traits are normally fast flowering, certain size or flavour or very high yield.

In this article we'll focus on those cannabis varieties that stand out for their abundant production of buds, without a doubt one of the most desirable traits for growers. Indeed, you may know people looking for different flavours, or certain growth pattern, or a specified bloom period...but all of them love their plants to produce abundant harvests!

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Cannabis trends in the USA (2017)

Marijuana trends in American dispensaries

Without a doubt, the USA have been a point of reference in the development of new and amazing cannabis strains ever since the decade of the 70's, which normally take only a few years to become popular in Europe. Thus, and if we want to know which strains will be increasingly demanded in the near future in the Old Continent, we must definitely take a look at the current scene in the US.

Moreover, the legalisation in some States has led to a much more bearable situation for breeders and growers, who can now focus on developing new varieties without the worry of being caught by the Authorities. In this way, massive selections and large-scale breeding projects are being done today in the USA, which will doubtless led to a new generation of top grade marihuana genetics.

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Characteristics of Sativa marijuana strains

Origins of Sativa cannabis strains

Cannabis cultivars coming from the tropical and sub-tropical areas of the planet - Africa, South and Central America and Asia - are normally called Sativa strains. These strains are then naturally found in countries like Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, Jamaica (Central and South America), Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam (Southeast Asia), Malawi, South Africa, Kenya, Congo (Africa) and Nepal or India (South Asia), among others. Over time and generations, these Sativa varieties have developed specific traits that differentiate them from the others, either due to environmental conditions or breeding selections.

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Indica marijuana characteristics

Geographical origins of Indica marijuana strains

We usually call Indica varieties those cannabis strains originary from Afghanistan, Pakistan, northern India, the Hindu Kush and some areas from Eastern Europe and the Near East. The Himalaya/Karakorum region is the originary place of most pure Indica genetics, which were brought to the West by the first hippies who travelled to Asia during the 60's and 70's and visited those places, where they met local growers and obtained marijuana seeds from them.

Most of these originary places are extremely isolated areas geographycally, so each genetic line could be bred and kept "pure" easily. In this way, we can find strong differences between genotypes grown in two different valleys in the same area.

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Marijuana seeds for Indoor growing

What are the best indoor cannabis seeds?

Today, and thanks to the efforts of breeders and cannabis seedbanks that have been selecting, breeding and crossing genetics from around the world, the worlwide cannabis community can choose among a huge range of marijuana strains on the market.

The main aim was and still is genetic improvement, so all growers can enjoy a high quality standard that meets their demands.

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