New Philosopher Seeds strains (2023)

If you are a faithful follower of Philospher Seeds, you are in luck. After a while without introducing new strains in their catalog but working hard in the shadows, the guys at Philospoher have rolled up their sleeves and now present a new collection of genetics of simply excellent quality.

These new Limited Edition lines have been carefully chosen and always developed from elite clones, mostly incorporating American genetics but keeping a perfect balance between terpenes, ease of cultivation, and yield, the latter characteristic being of vital importance for most growers and not very common in most varieties from the USA.

The hybrids now available in limited edition form are 8, including an automatic variety. The outdoor season has only just begun in the Northern Hemisphere, and it is the ideal time to get hold of one of the new genetics from Philosopher Seeds and enjoy the winter with a good collection of genuine flowers from these unique crosses.

Chiquita Banana is one of the new varieties from Philosopher Seeds, which you can also find in autoflowering format
Chiquita Banana is one of the new varieties from Philosopher Seeds, which you can also find in auto-flowering format

Chiquita Banana and Chiquita Banana Auto, one of the most powerful varieties

Chiquita Banana seeds have been extremely popular since their release, and the guys at Philosopher have worked hard to create the automatic version, Chiquita Banana Auto. Chiquita Banana is known for its high THC content and its characteristic ripe banana aroma, coming from an excellent selection of Banana OG. Chiquita Banana is undoubtedly an excellent choice for those looking for powerful buds and sweet fruity aromas.

Black Runtz, the dark side of the Runtz

Black Runtz is based on a little-known phenotype of the famous Runtz variety; This specific phenotype maintains the distinguished tropical aroma of the genetics, but with greater growth and production potential, thus improving its performance both indoors and outdoors. If you are a lover of Zkittlez and Gelato, Black Runtz will undoubtedly meet your organoleptic expectations and you will be more than happy with its astounding performance.

Runtz, born under a lucky star

Since its official launching at the end of 2017, Runtz genetics hasn't stopped receiving awards and praise due to its quality and, why not say it?, a great marketing campaign. Today we are going to see in detail this unique plant, and show you some of the options available in case you want to try it. You won't regret it!

Donny Burger and Chem Kush, GMO lineage

After experimenting with the GMO variety and seeing its enormous potential, Philosopher launches two lines from this impressive plant; one of them, Donny Burger, is a GMO BX or backcross where the Chemdog aroma prevails in its purest and most powerful side, becoming a true terpene bomb. The other strain with GMO genes is Chem Kush, which thanks to the contribution of the mythical Bubba Kush, the Chemdog character is diluted, and a sweeter and earthier terpene appears, with an aroma that will excite lovers of the best Kush lines.

Donny Burger by Philosopher Seeds is a true tribute to one of the most popular strains in recent years, GMO.
Donny Burger by Philosopher Seeds is a true tribute to one of the most popular strains in recent years, GMO

Uk Cheese x Bubba Kush

Thanks to the hybridization of Bubba Kush with the famous Cheese cut, more robust plants appear with better resin quality, and at the same time, much sweeter nuances are generated in the offspring. UK Cheese x Bubba Kush is undoubtedly a cross for the most nostalgic but with modern results, with which you will enjoy one of the best-known varieties in the world but with improved characteristics thanks to the contribution of the Kush genes.

Mai Tai, a cocktail of intense flavors and high THC

Mai Tai is a word of Tahitian origin meaning "out of this world". This is where the famous cocktail gets its name from, and also the new strain from Philosopher Seeds. The Mai Tai variety is based on Gorilla Glue #4 and the famous Purple Punch (Alpha Cut) genetics. Mai Tai is easy to grow and maintains the intense sweet wild fruit flavors of Purple Punch, being an all-terrain plant, with enormous production thanks to the dense colas of flowers that it develops and which stands out for its powerful effect, sometimes truly aphrodisiac. It is a very balanced version of Gorilla Glue, but with a predominance of berry terpenes from Purple Punch. Mai Tai is fast, productive and shows beautiful colors at the end of flowering that stand out in its thick layer of white and shiny resin.

Mai Tai by Philosopher Seeds will surprise you with its enormous resin production and incredible combination of terpenes...and with an aphrodisiac touch!
Mai Tai by Philosopher Seeds will surprise you with its enormous resin production and incredible combination of terpenes...and with an aphrodisiac touch!

Gelonade, intense lime flavors, and high production

Philosopher Seeds Gelonade is a variety that will captivate all lovers of the Amnesia genetic line, one of those plants that over time have become true legends. We are talking about a hybrid of Lemon Tree (also known as American Amnesia for its characteristic citrus and lemon flavor) and Gelato. Gelonade is very undemanding in its cultivation, which is really simple. Without a doubt, yields are one of its strong points together with its powerful terpene profile, which stands out for its marked notes of lime but with all the sweetness of Gelato. If you are an Amnesia grower and you feel like trying new things that might surprise you, Gelonade should be at the top of your list of candidates.

You can already see that the Philosopher Seeds catalog comes loaded with novelties for this season, so if you still haven't decided what you are going to grow this summer, here is a good collection of awesome options where you will surely find some genetics that suit your tastes.

Happy harvest!

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