Anesia Seeds, super powerful high quality genetics

The world of cannabis is evolving by leaps and bounds, and with each advance, new and exciting opportunities arise for lovers of this ancient plant. Today, we are pleased to announce the addition of Anesia Seeds to our store catalog, offering our customers access to an unrivaled selection of top-notch genetics.

This seed bank has perfected its art over the years, offering superior quality strains that capture the best of each variety. Now, in a perfect symbiosis between tradition and innovation, their seeds arrive on our shelves, ready to be cultivated and appreciated by both enthusiasts and experienced growers. Today we will discover together what makes this seed bank captivate us, from the meticulous selection and breeding process to the benefits it provides to growers. Welcome to Alchimia!

Anesia Seeds offers a collection of seeds where two traits undoubtedly stand out: high THC content and unique terpene combinations.
Anesia Seeds offers a collection of seeds where two traits undoubtedly stand out: high THC content and unique terpene combinations

Anesia Seeds, premium strains with high THC

Undoubtedly, one of the characteristics that attract the most attention from many growers and users is the THC level of their plants or flowers. Of course, flavor and aroma are also characteristics or traits highly valued by any lover of the plant, whether we are talking from the point of view of cultivation or consumption. Well, these two traits, potency and flavor, are the pillars on which the breeding carried out by the Anesia Seeds team is based.

As you can see in our Anesia Seeds catalog, there are not a few varieties that they offer with THC contents close to 30% and even higher, something totally unthinkable a few years ago. The choice of parents, many of them elite clones of American origin, together with the meticulous selection process have led to the creation of truly powerful new varieties, as well as the appearance of new and extremely interesting combinations of terpenes that lead to the genetics from Anesia Seeds to be able to boast, and rightly so, of absolutely spectacular aromas and flavors.

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC): The principal cannabinoid in cannabis

THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is the main constituent of cannabis, responsible for its psychoactive effects. In this post we tell you more about one of the best known cannabinoids, exclusive from the cannabis plant and useful for many patients who benefit from the socalled entourage effect, that is to say, the synergy created by different compounds like THC and CBD acting together.

Feminized and automatic marijuana strains from Anesia Seeds

The Anesia Seeds varieties that you can find in our catalog include a good collection of feminized seeds, as well as auto-flowering versions of some of the former. As you will see, some of the parents used are renowned plants such as Gorilla Glue #4, Chemdog, or Gelato genetics, while others are still little-known plants in European lands, such as Tang Tang, Apricot Jelly, or Nova OG.

Be that as it may, the truth is that the breeding work of Anesia Seeds results in large-sized plants, with an excellent bag appeal, loaded with trichomes and with unusual THC contents, in addition to presenting combinations of terpenes of indisputable quality. If you are looking for a new seed bank to try, we recommend adding Anesia Seeds to your list!

Cannabis with more than 30% THC

Some of the varieties offered by Anesia Seeds exceed 30% THC, something that surely would have sounded like a joke just a few years ago. For example, Future #1 (which is a cross between Gorilla Glue #4 and Starfighter F2) can reach a staggering 37% THC, making it one of the varieties with the highest percentage of this cannabinoid on the market. Another example can be Gelato Dream, which comes from hybridizing the famous Gelato #41 with Loud Dream and reaches a not inconsiderable 33% THC, as well as being truly photogenic.

Gelato Dream by Anesia Seeds stands out for its beautiful colors during the flowering phase
Gelato Dream by Anesia Seeds stands out for its beautiful colors during the flowering phase

And speaking of Gelato, another interesting work by Anesia Seeds with this genetics is Vanilla Frosting (Gelato x Frost OG), which with 29% THC is no exception, and also presents interesting vanilla nuances in its aroma and flavor with a range of rare terpenes in the world of marijuana. Sleepy Joe is another of the successes of this bank, a cross between Obama Kush and Nova OG (the latter is another of its genetics) which, in addition to reaching a spectacular 34% in THC, is an excellent plant for SOG crops, being compact, fast and very productive.

As you can see, several of the parents used by Anesia are plants from OG Kush genetics, known mainly for the delicious nuances in its flavor and its high potency. In addition to the ones you have already seen, other examples of this are varieties such as Strawberry Kush (Hindu Kush x Strawberry), Sour Apple (Sour Diesel x Pure Kush), Banana MAC (MAC x Banana Kush) or Nova OG, a coveted clone of Canadian origin that the breeders at Anesia Seeds have worked as a backcross or BX.

Anesia Seeds Automatic Strains

Auto-flowering strains are very popular among home growers, which is why Anesia also offers auto-format versions of some of their best photoperiod strains. A clear example of this is Auto Nova OG, which, as you have guessed, comes from its Nova OG and is characterized by its high production and reaching an incredible 24% in THC, which undoubtedly makes it one of the most powerful autos on the market.

Auto Future #1 by Anesia Seeds is a THC bomb in auto-flowering format
Auto Future #1 by Anesia Seeds is a THC bomb in an auto-flowering format

Precisely, Auto Nova OG was the auto designated to create Auto Sleepy Joe, a really fast auto hybrid (its complete cycle is about 9-10 weeks) and high production that will captivate you with its fruity notes that combine nuances of strawberries with hints of acids and citric, a true delight for the palate.

Last but not least, as you will see, the auto-flowering version of its most powerful genetics, Auto Future #1, is capable of reaching a THC content of 28%, something amazing for an automatic plant. Undoubtedly, starting from photoperiod-dependent parents with this trait have made their auto offspring present extraordinary levels of this cannabinoid, which attests to the good work carried out by the Anesia Seeds breeding team.

We can only encourage you to try one of their varieties, which you will find on our website in packages of 3 feminized seeds and at a more than reasonable price. We have already started, and we have been pleasantly surprised!

Happy harvest!

The articles published by Alchimiaweb, S.L. are reserved for adult clients only. We would like to remind our customers that cannabis seeds are not listed in the European Community catalogue. They are products intended for genetic conservation and collecting, in no case for cultivation. In some countries it is strictly forbidden to germinate cannabis seeds, other than those authorised by the European Union. We recommend our customers not to infringe the law in any way, we are not responsible for their use.

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