One of the most important stages when growing certain aromatic plants is the drying process.

Keeping your recently harvested plants away from light, moisture and dust is essential to get the best scent and taste, as well as removing odours in some cases.

Here you'll find several drying kits and drying racks.

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Drying Net Dryit 45 - Secret Jardin

Alchimia presents Secret Jardin Drying Dryit Net, the ultimate solution for drying flowers quickly and efficiently. It is designed with practicality and precision [...]

  • 7.25€

Pure Factory Drying Rack 165cm x 55cm

Alchimia presents the Pure Factory Drying Rack for cannabis, measuring 165cm x 55cm, foldable with 8 levels. It is ideal for use in small spaces, and quick to set up. Pure [...]

  • 21.80€

ProDry Master 55 Circular drying net

The Circular drying nets have been designed to uniformly dry your cannabis buds, allowing the air to circulate and avoiding humidity pockets. This Garden HighPro Pr [...]

  • 55 cm 4 shelves 25.90€

ProDry Master 95 Circular drying net

The ProDry Master 95 by Garden Highpro are designed to uniformly dry your marijuana buds, allowing the air to circulate and thus providing a more efficient drying process. [...]

  • 6 racks 95 cm 39.90€

Drynet Stackable Mesh Dryer

Alchimia offers you this demountable, stackable mesh rack for drying your homegrown cannabis harvest. Now available in our online catalogue. The st [...]

  • 7.00€

ProDry Master 75 drying net

These Garden HighPro ProDry Master 75 circular drying nets have been designed to homogeneously dry your marijuana flowers, allowing the air to circulate and thus providing a more u [...]

  • 75cm 6 shelves 35.90€

Basic Drying Kit Alchimia

Dry the freshly cut marijuana is a very important step to enjoy our buds in all its glory, given that if it isn't done in the [...]

  • (Out of stock) 251.29€ 226.15€

Alchimia Drying Kit - Extra 80

This drying kit is ideal to perform a controlled drying process of the harvested marijuana plants, preserving the best qualities such as odor, flavor and psychoactivity by reducin [...]

  • 350.58€

Alchimia Drying Kit - Extra 100

The Alchimia Drying Kit Extra 100 has been created to offer all the necessary products to dry your cannabis plants in the best possible way and keeping their org [...]

  • (Out of stock) 392.49€ 353.24€

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