Growing cannabis cuttings

Propagation of cannabis by cuttings

Marijuana or Cannabis Sativa is a perfect species for asexual propagation (i.e. propagation via cuttings). To clone your favourite cannabis plant you need the following basic material:

  • A small propagator (heated, if possible)
  • Sterilised scissors for cloning, properly sharpened (shaving razors or surgical knives/scalpels can also be used)
  • Rooting hormones, like ClonFix or VitroClon
  • Substrate for the cuttings (jiffy peat moss pellets, rockwool, soil...)
  • A small source of white/blue light (fluorescent type, LED...)
  • And, of course, a mother plant from which you will take the cuttings

The temperature must be between 18°C and 22°C and the relative humidity must be above 90% for the cuttings to root, what can be easily achieved if heated mini-greenhouses are used.

Clones develop nicely in all types of substrate (Picture: Brett Levin)
Clones develop nicely in all types of substrate (Picture: Brett Levin)

How to make cannabis cuttings

1. Cut the cuttings from the mother plant, preferably using only the apical tips, and cut the lower leaves and the tips of the upper shoot to prevent it from dehydration. Then place them in a container with tap water.

2. Prepare the substrate. If you are using Jiffy pellets, soak them in warm water (pH around 6) for 10 minutes; if you are using rockwool, you should soak them during 24 hours in water (pH=4.5) and add rooting fertiliser until reaching an EC value of 0.60. If you are using soil, just fill the pots or cells with your substrate.

3. Apply rooting hormones on the lower part of the cuttings and gently plant it in the substrate you are going to use.

4. Place the cuttings in the greenhouse and spray them with water. Once covered, place them under a fluorescent light with a 18/6 photoperiod.


5. Close the greenhouse properly and don't forget to open it and spray the marijuana plants with water once a day.


6. After 3-4 days continue to open and spray the plants every day, but this time leaving the greenhouse's vents open.


7.  After 8-10 days, if the substrate begins to dry, fill the greenhouse with one or two centimetres of water and leave it for 10-20 minutes so that the substrate gets moist again.

8. After 12-14 days, remove the greenhouse cover. If after one hour the marijuana cuttings remain upright, leave them uncovered and continue spraying a few times a day. On the other hand, if after an hour the cuttings lose strength, spray them and put the greenhouse cover back. Try again a few days later.

Clone showing the first roots
Clone showing the first roots

9. 15 days - or before - after the start of the process, you should see how the first roots begin to appear. Some strains may be more precocious and start rooting after 8 or 10 days, while others can take up to 20 days. Over 25 day-old cuttings that have not rooted and remain green will hardly end up rooting.

10. Transplant the cuttings to their growing pot and apply rooting fertiliser for marijuana during the following weeks.

Happy growing!

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Comments in “Growing cannabis cuttings” (4)


Sam 2021-07-26
I have a plant that I'm interested in propagating, but there don't seem to be any tips that don't have a bud growing from them. Is it past the point that I can take cuttings from it, or can I take cuttings after harvesting?

Alchimia Staff

Tim Alchimia 2021-07-26
Hi Sam, thanks for your question. You can still take cuttings from your plant right up till the final day of harvest, but I always find that I get better results taking them earlier on in flowering. The clone will still root just as it would in vegetative growth, but it might take a bit longer and then it will take some more time to re-veg before going back into full growth again. I'd take some cuts now and if for some reason they don't root, you can try again later in the flowering period. You can even choose to re-veg the entire plant, more info in our blog post: Cannabis Re-vegging. I hope that helps. Best wishes and happy growing!


jeff 2020-06-23
I used the poor man's method last year. Put cutting into a bottle of water and kept moist. Both worked but it took a long time. no root helper at all. Both grew into good plants. The roots took off in the bottle and I wrapped into a pot before planting. I do need to shut down for 6 hours so the plant can get some rest.

Alchimia Staff

Tim Alchimia 2020-06-25
Hi Jeff, thanks for your comment. Good one, I try rooting cuts in plain water every year and I only ever had success one time unfortunately. I don't know if it's my water or the conditions but the cuts stay healthy for weeks, just no root growth at all! It won't stop me from trying again, though. Best wishes and happy growing!


Don 2018-09-29
Re: Root cuttings I am very familiar with various types of propagation methods and have done stem and leaf cuttings sucessfully. I recently did some cannabis stems cuttings for my daughter but wondered if cannabis can be propagated from root cuttings?? I could not find any information. Do you have any experience or knowledge of this? Very curious. Thanks - Don

Alchimia Staff

Tim Alchimia 2018-10-01
Hi Don, thanks for your comment and question, it's an interesting one! I've never heard of anyone propagating cannabis via root cuttings, and after . search on the internet I've found a few vague claims about it, but very little, if any evidence. I know that Tissue Culture is gaining popularity among serious breeders and growers, but the completely sterile laboratory conditions required for it to be successful are quite a barrier for most home-growers! If you decide to give root cloning a try, we'd be really interested in hearing the results. All the best and happy cloning!


Papa Indica 2015-06-25
Another step that seems to help; on the part of your cutting that is going to be dipped in rooting solution, (gel, powder, whatever), and buried in whatever substrate you're using, take a razor blade and very gently scrape away the outer skin. This allows the rooting hormones to be more easily absorbed. Works well for us.

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