Aptus Fulvic Blast

Alchimia presents Aptus Fulvic Blast, a 100% organic booster enriched with microelements that facilitates nutrient absorption of our plants. A product that prevents deficiencies during growth and flowering periods. Aptus Fulvic Blast, 100% organic b [...]

  • 250ml22.95€ 13.77€
UP TO 40%

Aptus All in One Liquid

Alchimia Grow Shop presents here Altus All in One in liquid form (All in One in solid form is also available), a 100% mineral fertiliser for both the growth and bloom stages of plants, even with recirculating systems. This liquid nutrient contains N [...]

  • 50ml4.54€ 3.40€
  • 150ml9.07€ 5.44€


Alchimia presents Aptus P-Boost, an organic-mineral booster that acts on phosphorus deficiencies, obtaining healthy plants that offer abundant harvests. This product is now available in our cannabis cultivation products and nutrients catalogue. Phos [...]

  • 500ml36.30€ 21.78€


Alchimia presents Aptus K-Boost, an organic-mineral booster that acts on potassium deficiencies stimulating the flower maturation. Potassium also improves the flower structure, obtaining more compact buds and more abundant and higher quality harvests [...]

  • 500ml36.30€ 21.78€

Aptus Super PK

Alchimia invites you to discover Super PK from Aptus, a powerful bloom stimulator to use during the flowering phase to significantly increase harvests. Aptus Super PK is an organo-mineral PK that delivers large doses of Phosphorus and Potassium alon [...]

  • 250 ml24.20€ 14.52€


Alchimia presents CaMg-Boost by Aptus, an organic-mineral booster that acts against calcium and magnesium deficiencies in order to promote healthy plants and abundant harvests. This product is now available in our cannabis nutrients catalogue at Alch [...]

  • 150ml20.40€ 12.24€
  • 500 ml40.53€ 24.32€


Alchimia presents Aptus N-Boost, an organic-mineral booster that helps to treat nitrogen deficiencies, stimulating the plants' growth and development. Nitrogen is essential in cannabis cultivation for plants to grow and develop quickly. This product [...]

  • 36.30€ 21.78€

Humic Blast

Alchimia presents Aptus Humic Blast, a totally organic micro-elements booster that promotes a rich and healthy substrate. A product now available in our catalogue of cannabis cultivation nutrients and boosters. Humic Blast amends the soil and stimul [...]

  • 250ml22.95€ 13.77€

Aptus Break-Out Powder

Aptus Breack-Out Powder is now available in Alchimiaweb, a concentrated bloom enhancer rich in phosphorous and potassium. It also contains magnesium and calcium, ensuring that your buds will get fatter and your plants will show you their full potenti [...]

  • 100 gr7.26€ 4.36€

Aptus Fungone

Aptus Fungone is an ideal product to combat and prevent the occurrence of fungi, viruses, and infections. It's safe for marijuana plants given that it makes no alteration in the plant metabolism is respectful with the environment.Using Fungone as a [...]

  • 1L32.06€ 24.00€

Aptus Regulator 100 ml

Aptus Regulator is an ideal product intended for the growing of cannabis seeds and at every stages. It is a mixture of different trace elements that provide numerous advantages when growing marijuana indoors and outdoors. Regulator works as a manage [...]

  • 100 ml37.51€ 28.10€
  • 250 ml81.07€ 60.80€

Aptus Topbooster

Aptus Topbooster is a flowering and bud ripening stimulant. It's a concentrated high quality product composed of different active ingredients that stimulate the whole flowering process improving clearly the obtained results of yield and final flavo [...]

  • 100 ml23.59€ 17.65€
  • 250 ml43.56€ 32.65€

Aptus Startbooster

Aptus Startbooster is a concentrated, high quality organic root and growth stimulant for marijuana plants, the components of this product stimulate the roots and ramifications or root threads getting a further plant development in less time.The stem [...]

  • 100 ml23.59€ 17.65€
  • 250 ml38.12€ 28.55€

Aptus All in One Pellet

Aptus All in One Pellet is a 100% natural, slow-release fertilizer ideal for indoor and outdoor crops making that the crops are easy to manage, needing only water for irrigation...The application of this product is very simple, just mix Aptus All in [...]

  • 100 gr6.35€ 4.75€
  • 1Kg44.47€ 33.35€

Aptus Mycor Mix

Mycor Mix is a 100% organic mixture of different species of endomycorrhiza. The mycorrhizae are beneficial fungi that act in symbiosis with the roots of marijuana plants . They act by attaching themselves to the root system by means of hyphae, funga [...]

  • 100 gr36.30€ 27.20€

Aptus kitpro Tent Set Pro

Aptus fertiliser kit is ideal for those growers who want to try fertilisers, additives and enhancers Aptus without resorting to larger containers, being able to contrast the excellent results obtained.This kit has all the necessary components to get [...]

  • 98.90€ 59.34€

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