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Alchimia presents Aptus N-Boost, an organic-mineral booster that helps to treat nitrogen deficiencies, stimulating the plants' growth and development. Nitrogen is essential in cannabis cultivation for plants to grow and develop quickly. This product is now available in our cannabis cultivation products and nutrients catalogue.

This element also works by increasing the sugar content while promoting production of more compact buds. By providing a sufficient nitrogen supply, plants become more resistant to the various aggressions that can occur during cannabis cultivation.

Aptus N-Boost usage

Plants consume large amounts of nitrogen during growth and the stretching period after the photoperiod change. It is therefore necessary to supply sufficient amounts of this element to obtain healthy and vigorous growing plants.

Aptus N-Boost is an excellent source of concentrated organic nitrogen with amino acids. Adding N-Boost to the substrate enriches it, promoting faster growth and increasing resistance to fungal and other pest infestation. N-Boost can be applied without the risk of clogging irrigation systems. It is certainly a nitrogen supply that adapts perfectly to all growing conditions.

Aptus N-Boost info:

  • Organic nitrogen
  • Amino acids
  • Can be used in automatic irrigation systems
  • It contains a low nitrate level
  • NPK: 9-0-0

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