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Grotek Megapack

You can purchase now the Grotek Megapack of organo-mineral fertilizers in Alchimiaweb, which includes everything you need to get the best results in your marihuana crop . This set of fertilizers is designed so that you have every product you need f [...]

  • 129.00€

Solo-tek Grow

Solo-tek Grow by Grotek is a unique one-part fertiliser intended for use during the growth period of cannabis plants. It is a highly concentrated mixture of nutrients in suspension containing a high proportion of organic chelating agents, amino acid [...]

  • 1L34.00€

Heavy Bud Pro 4L

Now at Alchimia Heavy Bud Pro from Grotek, available in 4L bottles. This nutrient base offers a mixture of nutrients and carbohydrates, ideal for enhancing the organoleptic qualities of your homegrown cannabis harvest. Formulated to be used dur [...]

  • 99.00€

Solo-tek Bloom

Solo-tek Bloom by Grotek is a revolutionary one-part fertiliser intended for use during the flowering period of cannabis plants. It is a concentrated mixture of nutrients and growth stimulators in suspension containing a high proportion of organic c [...]

  • 1L34.00€

Grotek Heavy Bud Pro 1L

Heavy Bud Pro is a supplement for the bloom stage formulated by the renowned Canadian company Grotek. It must be used with a quality base nutrient to achieve spectacular results. Its formulation includes nutrients and carbohydrates which improve the [...]

  • 29.00€

Vegetative Grow Booster

Grotek Vegetative Grow Booster gives your cannabis plants the extra nutrients required for unsurpassed vigour in veg and is an excellent supplement for rapid, explosive growth and structural development. Vegetative Grow Booster contains nitrogen to [...]

  • 20 gr18.00€

Vitamax Plus

Grotek Vitamax Plus is a formula developed with the aim of improving the root system, promoting growth and encouraging floral development in cannabis plants. It contains macronutrients, micronutrients, added Magnesium and a vitamin complex also formu [...]

  • 1L26.25€

Monster Grow 500g

Alchimiaweb offers here Grotek's Monter Grow 500gr, a product specifically designed for a fast and explosive growth of plants. It is used for both cuttings and motherplants, perfect to feed our plants before the flowering stage so they develop a ro [...]

  • 40.00€

Grotek Monster Grow

Grotek Monster Grow is a high-power nitrogen booster specially formulated to promote explosive green leafy growth in cannabis plants when they most need it. Designed and created to be used as a supplement to your existing nutrient program, Monster [...]

  • 130 gr12.00€

Monster Bloom

Grotek Monster Bloom is a specially formulated bloom booster with a great reputation among growers for the explosive surge it gives to cannabis plants during the middle stages of the flowering period, leading to bigger and better harvests. Its high [...]

  • 130 gr18.00€

Monster Bloom 500g

Grotek Monster Bloom is a fertilizer that is used to enhance flowers production due to its high P-K levels, the two main elements needed by the plant during flowering. Now available in Alchimia Grow Shop in 500gr containers. Its high phosphorous con [...]

  • 40.00€

Blossom Blaster

Grotek Blossom Blaster is a powerful blend of phosphorous and potassium fertilizers specially designed to increase the number and size of flower buds in cannabis plants. It's unique formula encourages the plant to direct it's energy into vigorous bra [...]

  • 20 gr15.00€
  • 130 gr85.00€

Grotek Bud Fuel Pro 1L

Alchimiaweb presents Grotek's Bud Fuel Pro, a bloom booster formulated for the first weeks of the flowering stage to promote the development of buds. With 1-3-4 NPK content, this product is suitable for both growing cannabis in soil or in hydroponic [...]

  • 20.15€


Grotek Pro-Silicate 1L is a highly beneficial additive for cannabis plants, among it's many benefits are: Improves nutrient absorption and transport through plants. Strengthens cell walls, helping your cannabis plants increase resistance to attac [...]

  • 1L12.00€

Grotek Final Flush

Grotek Final Flush 1L is a solution developed exclusively for rinsing or flushing of nutrients. What this product does is remove excess fertilizer salts from the substrate during the final stages of flowering cannabis plants, also helping to correct [...]

  • 1L15.00€

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