Bio Technology

Bio Technology

Alchimia presents Bio-Technology, a fertiliser manufacturer with many years of experience working to develop nutrients for plants that are as original as they are effective.

Bio-Technology's philosophy is based on a balance between organic and mineral nutrition: a living substrate to promote a better absorption of mineral nutrients, allowing our cannabis plants to express their full potential.

In addition to a classic range of nutrients for growth and flowering, Bio-Technology are renowned for their additives, such as the famous Elycitor, rich in micro-organisms beneficial to the root system, ensuring strong, healthy and vigorous growing plants.

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Brand - Bio Technology

Bio-Technology Orga Clone Gel

Available now online at Alchimiaweb, Orga Clone Gel from Bio-Technology a new rooting gel formulated to quickly produce a strong root system to en [...]

  • 50ml 9.90€

Bio Tecnology Grow A+B

Discover the one-litre format of Bio Technology's Grow A + B Pack, a mineral fertiliser formulated to address all the cannabis plants' nutrient requirements and promote healthy dev [...]

  • 500ml 12.90€ 11.60€
  • 1L 22.00€ 19.80€
  • 5L 80.00€ 72.00€

Bio Technology Boost +

Boost + by Bio Technology is a Bloom Enhancer (Booster), a mineral fertiliser rich in Phosphorus and Potassium, formulated to be [...]

  • 100ml 20.00€
  • 250ml 40.00€

Bio Technology Power Clean

Now available in the Alchimiaweb online grow store, Bio-Technology presents Power Clean, a flushing solution formulated to accelerate the rinsing [...]

  • 1L 25.00€

Roots +

Roots + from Bio-Technology is an organic nutrient designed for use during the growth period to obtain healthy and vigorous cannabis plants. On sa [...]

  • 50ml 15.00€
  • 250ml (Out of stock) 35.00€
  • 1L 89.00€

Bio-Technology Inductor F

Inductor F is a potent nutrient additive developed by Bio-Technology to increase trichome production in flowering cannabis plants, now available f [...]

  • 5 ml 25.00€
  • 15 ml (Out of stock) 60.00€
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Orga Grow

Bio Technology present Orga Grow, a bio-mineral growth fertiliser created so that your cannabis plants will grow healthy and vigorously [...]

  • 500 ml (Out of stock) 10.90€
  • 1L 18.00€
  • 5L (Out of stock) 65.00€ 32.50€
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