pH Perfect Sensi Grow Hobbyist Kit

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The pH Perfect Sensi hobbyist level fertiliser kit from Advanced Nutrients is one of the best options for users of this well-known brand of quality nutrients who are looking for comfort in their cultivation, obtaining excellent results with just a few very complete products that provide high-yield harvests.

Advanced Nutrients Sensi Grow Hobbyist Kit includes:

  • pH Perfect Sensi Grow A+B 1L: This is the base nutrient that should be used throughout the growth period. A complete and concentrated 2-part fertiliser, which should be used in equal measures.
  • pH Perfect Sensi Bloom A+B 1L: This is the 2-part base fertiliser to be used in equal proportions during the flowering period. An easy-to-use quality nutrient that provides large, compact and resin-coated buds.
  • Voodoo Juice 500ml: A powerful cocktail of microbial life that helps the root system to expand and develop extensively while facilitating the absorption of nutrients and protecting the roots against possible fungal attacks by colonising the root zone outcompeting the pathogenic fungi harmful to our plants.
  • Big Bud 1L: One of the most powerful bloom stimulators on the market, helping plants at the beginning of flowering to create more buds, resulting in a great increase in yield at the end of the flowering cycle. Stimulating the flowers is vital to obtain quality results. It incorporates a small dose of PK that is ideal to be used from the second week of flowering to the fourth.
  • B-52 1L: A growth supplement responsible for providing vitamin B, trace elements and humic acids. Made from Kelp to provide the plant with extra vitality, creating healthy and strong plants to create large and compact buds. It should be used during weeks 1 to 4 of growth and from 3 to 6/7 of flowering.
  • Overdrive 250ml: A flowering enhancer formulate for the last 2 to 3 weeks of flowering when the buds are already formed, but they are still finishing, gaining weight and power as they mature. Overdrive increases the flavour, potency and quality of the final product, providing the appropriate doses of nutrients for this last phase of the grow before harvest.

Enjoy a complete crop with all the necessary elements to obtain a good harvest, now available at

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