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Mykos from Xtreme Gardening is a beneficial fungus called endomycorrhizae which interact directly with the roots of the plants, helping them to absorb cannabis nutrients, retain water, break down food, protect the plants from attacks by pathogens and creating a large root mass to be able to absorb more nutrients and thus enjoy more vigorous plants with a greater capacity for bud production.

Mykos acts quickly on the root system of cannabis plants, as well as on the vast majority of other plants, whether ornamental or garden. These fungi act by elongating the root system using hyphae. These adhere to the roots and provide food and water to the plant in a faster and more effective way, in addition to breaking down organic fertilizers in an acceptable format for the plant, greatly facilitating its nutrition throughout the crop.

It is an excellent choice to use in transplants or to use from the beginning of its growth so that the interaction between the fungus and roots is active from the first day, providing food in the form of carbohydrates that are produced during photosynthesis.

Mykos also serves to protect plants from drought and heat stress. It also protects the roots by preventing other harmful fungi from attacking them, since the physical space of the roots is already occupied by a beneficial fungus and physically there is no space for harmful pathogens.

How to apply Mykos from Xtreme Gardening

Its application is very simple: before carrying out the transplant you just have to sprinkle Mykos around the roots of the plants so that contact is direct and they start working as soon as possible.

In case of using seeds, pour a tablespoon into the hole where the seed is going to be inserted.

In the rock wool, it is necessary to make some holes with a fork in the hole where the rock wool plug goes, transplant and water.

Mykos can be mixed with Azos and Xtreme Tea for best results.

The Mykos Roots Pack is a 10 g bag format and is perfect for use in hydroponics, placing one or two bags per plant in the middle. It is designed to be dosed in this way on Hydro, but it can also be used on any other substrate without any problem.

Available formats of Mykos:

  • 454g format
  • Mykos Root Pack (50 bags of 10g)

Characteristics of Mykos from Xtreme Gardening

  • Endomycorrhiza 100%
  • Greater root development
  • Can be used with organic and mineral fertilizers
  • Suitable for all substrates
  • Improves soil structure
  • Provides food for plants
  • Increased resistance to drought
  • Transports more water and food to plants
  • Quickly transforms the fertilizer into an assimilable form for plants
  • Greater vigor and production

Properties of Mykos

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