Atami B’Cuzz Root Stimulator

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Now available at Achimiaweb, the B'Cuzz Atami Root Stimulator which ensures strong, healthy and much more ramified growth of the roots.

B'Cuzz Root Stimulator biomineral fast assimilation formula delivers fast and effective results from the beginning.

It helps to quickly create large and healthy root zones, developing more capillary roots and enhancing symbiosis with cannabis soil micro-organisms.

B'Cuzz biomineral root stimulator accelerates cannabis plant development

Thanks to B’Cuzz Root Stimulator, the plant is able to better assimilate the nutrients, accelerating its metabolism and at the same time better anchoring the plant to the ground. All these factors will help to obtain more abundant crops.

It also reinforces our cultivation plants health and vigour, reducing the chances of root diseases such as Fusarium or Pithyum fungi.

It should be used throughout all vegetative growth stage, until the first white hairs appear. In the second week of flowering, use it in combination with the base fertilisers B'Cuzz 1-Component or B'Cuzz Tierra A+B.

B'Cuzz Atami Root Stimulator info:

  • Biomineral root simulator
  • Concentrated formila
  • Fast assimilation
  • Enhances bushy branching development and radicular mass growth
  • Increase capillary roots
  • Enhances the soil micro-life
  • Prevents againts fungi (Fusarium, Pithyum)
  • Strengthens the plants vigour and development
  • Facilitates a more abundant yield
  • Dosage: 0.5-1ml per 1 litter of water – supplied in each irrigation
  • Composition: potassium 1.37%, sodium 4.88%, magnesium 0.28%, sulfur 0.27%, iron 0.047%, zinc 0.001%, boron 0.007%, nitric nitrogen <0.10%, phosphorus <0, 01%, potassium 0.01%, magnesium <0.01%, lead <0.005%, cadmium <0.00001%, chrome <0.005%, ammonium nitrogen 0.09%, copper <0.005%, nickel <0.005% , mercurial silver <0.00001%, zinc <0.005%, salinity 0.08%, dry matter 0.15%, ash 0.00%, organic matter 0.44%, sulfate <0.1%, arsenic < 0.0001%

Properties of Atami B’Cuzz Root Stimulator

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