B'Cuzz 1-Component Soil 1l

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Now at Alchimia Grow Shop catalogue, the BCuzz 1-Component Soil Nutrition mineral fertiliser. A product designed to provide all nutrients to plants cultivated professionally on cannabis soil.

This biomineral fertiliser is assimilated quickly by the plant. All elements of the formula are used by the plant, which makes it effective and balanced as well as concentrated.

1-Component, concentrated biomineral fertiliser

This component is the base fertiliser for the entire crop cycle. The initial dose is 1ml per litre of water which will increase to 3ml per litre when the plants have 3 sets of leaves.

When the flowering begins, we increase the dose to 4ml per litre, and from the 3rd to 4th week, the dose will be 5ml per litre until we start flushing the roots.

We administer the product with every third irigation, in other words one watering with, and two without. If we grow cannabis genetics with high nutrient requirements we can administer it with every other irrigation.

B'Cuzz 1-Component, bushy growth and heavy yields

Its formula has an NPK of 2-3-5 and works to promoting plant growth, while stimulating flowering increasing your final yield.

It is recommended to combine it with a root stimulator and a growth and flowering booster, as well as a PK supplement such as Bloombastic will help to obtain greatest results and the best quality and performance.

BCuzz 1-Component Tierra 1l info:

  • Growth and flowering base fertiliser base
  • Complete biomineral formula - concentrated and easily assimilated
  • Encourages a bushy growth and abundant flowering
  • Dosage: from 1 to 5ml/l, increasing the dose as the plant grows
  • Ideal to be used with boster Bloombastic during flowering stage
  • NPK: 2-3-5:
  • N Total 2.46%
  • K2O 5.25%
  • MgO 190%
  • B 0.0013%
  • Cu 0.001%
  • Fe 0.032%
  • Mn 0.031%
  • Mo 0.002%
  • Zn 0.059%

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