Atami B’Cuzz Soil Booster Universal

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  • Protect the planet presents B'Cuzz Soil Booster Universal, a biomineral growth and flowering stimulator, ideal for cannabis cultivation in soil.

It is a perfect booster complement for ATA B'Cuzz 1-Component and B'Cuzz Terra fertilisers. It maximises the effect while stimulating micro-organisms and bacteria in the substrate.

It enriches symbiosis between the soil micro-life and the root mass, increasing efficiency of nutrient assimilation and obtaining a healthier development and a more abundant flowering of our cannabis plants.

B'Cuzz Soil Booster enhances your plant development and your harvest

B’Cuzz Soil Booster Universal also contains fast-assimilation essential chelates micro-nutrients. An extra nutritional complement which helps by reducing the risk of deficiencies and increases the quality and quantity of our cannabis harvest.

This booster also helps to set the citric acid cycle, so that all the important nutrients are directly and efficiently converted into energy for the plant.

The product is supplied throughout the plant development, both growth and flowering stages. The dose is 0.1-0.5ml per litre of irrigation water.

Atami B'Cuzz Soil Booster Universal info:

  • Promotes micro-organism and bacteria that give soil life
  • Accelerates root nutrient assimilation
  • Accelerates energy production
  • Increase the plant vigour and development
  • Increases flower production
  • Biomineral procedence
  • NPK 0-0-0
  • Contains chelated micronutrients, amino acids and other essential elements for the plant that are to found in base fertilisers
  • Dosage: 0.1-0.5ml per litre each irrigation

Properties of Atami B’Cuzz Soil Booster Universal

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