Deeper Undergrown

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Alchimia presents Deeper Undergrown by Top Crop, a liquid fertiliser that stimulates growth and root development in both cannabis plants and vegetables in general. This root booster promotes the production of more capillary hairs or tertiary roots. That means a significant increase in the plant nutrient absorption.

A higher nutrient assimilation capacity results in the plant growing faster, stronger and with more vitality. This means that during flowering it produces more buds and consequently produces a considerable increase in production.

Deeper Undergrown, strong and healthy roots

It can be applied from the first week of the plant life cycle when the plant has not yet developed a large root mass. This stimulant speeds up the initial plant growth, saving some time during the vegetative growing stage.

It is recommended to start on a low dosage of 1ml, and to increase it as the plant grows and is able to assimilate more nutrients. After a second watering the dosage can be increased up to 2ml if necessary, otherwise keep the dosage at 1ml/l. This product can be used until the second flowering week when the first pistils emerge and indicate the beginning of the flowering period.

Deeper Undergrown can be used every time a transplant is done or in a plant stress situations. It restores roots and provides renewed vigour. Root growth enhancement is vital to obtain a greater vigour, therefore this product can be mixed with the base growth fertiliser and Micro Vita. This product contains humic and fulvic acids, low nitrogen, potassium humates from leonardite and magnesium oxide. A real combo of elements that encourages the roots to develop quickly.

Deeper Undergrown should be stored in a safe place, avoiding sun exposure to keep its properties intact.

Top Crop Deeper Undergrown composition:

  • pH: 9.7
  • Total Nitrogen (N): 1.1
  • Water-soluble potassium humates extracted from Leonardite.
  • Total humic extract: 10.0%.
  • Humic acids: 3.0%
  • Fulvic acids: 7.0%
  • Water-soluble magnesium oxide (MgO): 1.1%

Top Crop Deeper Undergrown info:

  • Root system stimulator
  • Exclusive use in irrigation (not foliar)
  • Dosage: 1-2ml/l
  • Use: up to second flowering week
  • Compatible with Micro Vita and other growth fertilisers
  • Format: 250ml or 1L

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