Milwaukee PH MW100T Test

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Available now at Alchimiaweb, the Milwaukee MW100 pH substrate meter fitted with the MA991B/1 probe. This tester is an ideal complement for growers who use soil as a substrate in their crops, and organic or mineral cannabis fertilizers. The substrate pH can be fully controlled obtaining the best harvest results.

The Milwaukee MW100T meter performs fast and effective readings, with a 0.1mS precision on a 0.0 to 14.0 scale.

The glass probe needs to be handled carefully to prevent from breaking when using non-professional substrates that may contain stones.

If we use a soil substrate not obtained by professional and expert means, we need to make sure that it has a suitable pH for cannabis gardening. A very acidic or very alkaline pH indicates that the substrate is not appropriate for cannabis cultivation.

Using the Milwaukee MW100T meter and the MA991B/1 probe

The meter works with a 9V battery included which has to be put on the appliance before using it.

  • Connect the probe plug to the meter. Remove the probe protection. If the probe is not wet, immerse the probe for a few minutes in the provided solution.
  • Calibrate the meter before use. It has to be calibrated by two points using both Milwaukee calibration solutions PH 7.01 and PH 4.01.
  • Immerse the probe in the washing solution until the display reading is stabilized.

Once calibrated, the meter can be used reliably. Each time the probe is used, the tip should be washed and stored moist.

Milwaukee MW100T meter calibration

The meter requires a 2 points calibration, pH 7.01 and Phh 4.01. Please follow this procedure:

  • Remove the electrode protection.
  • Immerse the probe in the PH 7.01 calibration solution until the displayed value stabilizes. Now adjust the pH to number 7 using the black calibration button.
  • Wash the probe and use now the PH 4.01 calibration solution. Perform the same process above adjusting the pH with the PH4//PH10 button to the PH4.0 data.
  • Now the meter is ready to be used. Once the device is calibrated we can obtain quick and reliable readings.

Ass mentioned before, the meter works with a 9V Alkaline battery which can be easily replaced just opening the compartment and putting a new one. Just assure safe contact to the battery terminals. Perform this maintenance task safely.

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