Milwaukee MW100 portable pH meter

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The Milwaukee MW100 portable pH meter is the perfect companion for cannabis growers. It is ideal in indoor gardening when using a hydroponic growing system or growing in soil, as well as in outdoor gardening. A great tool for cannabis growers that want to have full control over the pH of the water to the plants receive, helping to improve nutrient assimilation.

Milwaukee MW100 pH meter is a quality measuring device that provides quick and reliable readings in just few seconds. The measurement range goes from 0.0 to 14.0.

We can replace the probe when necessary with the original spare part Milwaukee SE220 probe and continue using the meter like new.

Before using the meter, it is necessary to manually calibrate the pH to two points, PH4.01 and PH7.01. This procedure ensures that the meter operates correctly.

How to calibrate the Milwaukee MW100 pH meter:

  1. Remove the electrode protection cap
  2. Immerse the electrode in the PH7.01 calibration solution
  3. Once stabilised at 7.01, adjust with PH7 and adjust the data to PH7.0
  4. Clean the electrode with water and use now the PH4.01 calibration solution
  5. Once stabilised at 4.0, adjust with PH4 and adjust the data to PH4.0
  6. Now the meter is properly calibrated and ready to be used.

Recommendation: Calibrate the MW100 pH meter once a month or if it has not been used for a while.

Explanatory note on the pH:

The pH in the nutrient solution to water the plants is responsible for regulating nutrients uptake. That is, even though we add lots of nutrients to the irrigation solution, the plant will not assimilate them properly if the pH is not correct, thus not taking advantage of all the fertiliser provided.

Milwaukee MW100 pH portable meter info:

  • pH meter
  • Measurement scale 0.0 to 14.0
  • Operates with a 9V battery
  • Replaceable probe
  • 2 points calibration, PH 4.01 and PH 7.01

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