Selecting a Mother plant – Part 3: SEXING PLANTS. Alchimia video tutorial

This is the 3rd in our series of video tutorials on “Selecting a Mother plant”. On this occasion we’ll focus on the process of sexing the plants, with the objective of separating the Males and keeping the Female plants.

Alchimia Growing Happiness

The clones of ROSSO CORSA have started to show their first flowers, so the moment has arrived to sex them.

As you’ll remember, we germinated 12 Regular seeds of Rosso Corsa, we took 3 cuts from each of those 12 seedlings and switched them to 12/12h. Now they’ve started to show their flowers and we’ve seen that 4 of the phenotypes are males, so we’ve isolated those 4 males and their corresponding mother plants.

One of the phenotypes that we’ve seen is male is number 3 of 12, so we already isolated it and here’s the labels that identify it.

We don’t need them because we don’t want seeds, but if you do want to, we’ve tested that it doesn’t flower at 18h so it’d be ideal for pollination.

Now for the most important moment:

How do we tell them apart?

Here we have a Male and a Female, males will usually show flowers before females. As you can see there’s a small cluster of balls here that, if they open, there’s the danger that pollen will fall. The females take a little longer and as you can see these 2 white pistils, that’s the female flower.

We always take note of the phenotypes which have been identified as males and removed. Just so you know, I’m very sad to do this but we’ve no other choice as we’re not going to use the males, so I’ll work quickly to do it as soon as possible…

Macro, can you turn the lights on again, please? I forgot to explain something really important.

Okay, right away! 3, 2,…

Ready? One characteristic that’s important to remember is the plant’s vigour. The Mother plants get stressed when we take the clones. As you can see, the rest of the garden is fantastic but this one is a bit behind. We don’t know if it we made a mistake, but to be certain we’ll remove it, because it’s a fairly important thing to consider.

Apart from the males we removed, number 7 of 12 isn’t a good candidate. We’ll note it in the diary and Macro, now yes…

Lights off, no?


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