DaVinci IQ2 Vaporiser. Alchimia video tutorial

The DAVINCI brand has released the new version of its IQ portable cannabis vaporiser, the new DaVinci IQ2 and in this Alchimia tutorial we’ll see how it has evolved, as well as how to use it. The new and elegant DaVinci IQ2, also suitable for vaporising extractions or concentrates, is here to satisfy a new generation of users looking for more control over vaporised cannabinoids, of the highest quality and with increasingly precise dosages.

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Today we’re going to see the evolution of the IQ, it’s called IQ2 and it’s from DAVINCI.

The design is really very attractive. We take the sleeve off and open the box, which is like a wardrobe. As you can see, we‘ve got the DAVINCI here, we can take it out… perfect. Down here is a drawer with the accessories and behind a small box where the power cable and the cleaning wipes are.

The physical differences between IQ and IQ2 are subtle. They’re practically the same size, the IQ2 is a little larger, but above all what you see is the air intake control that the IQ2 has and the IQ1 doesn’t. And also, the inner workings that we will see now.

These are the physical parts of the DaVinci IQ2: In the part where the mouthpiece is, we can access by opening it and if we want, remove this nozzle, which is the short one, and fit the long one, which will cool the vapour a little more, okay?

Right here in this area we have the cooling chamber and with this removable tool we can clean it, and at the top part is where the battery is. A typical 18650 that we can charge directly in the vaporiser or have another one charged if we want, for when we’re vaping out and about, wherever we are.

And in the lower part we have the bowl, which is where the herb goes, which gets compacted when it closes and with this dial we can adjust the air flow.

We start the vaporiser by pressing the upper button 5 times. It makes a small vibration, shows the battery level and we see that the DAVINCI default Presets come up. These Presets go from lowest to highest temperature, and have been named: Taste, Mind, Body and Rest.

We can raise and lower the Presets with the side buttons. We can also, if we want to, work directly in degrees Celsius, by pressing once the degrees appear on the screen in Celsius and we can raise and lower as we wish. We know when the vaporiser reaches the right temperature because it gives a small vibration.

One of the main novelties in the IQ2 is the control over cannabinoids. Now we can know how much THC and how much CBD we are going to consume in each puff...

How do we access this Mode? Well, simply press the upper button twice, the word NEW appears, we click it again and here we are going to enter, if we know it, the THC level of our herb. In this case we’ll put 7% "THC" and press "CBD" again, for example 1.2%, as long as we have a laboratory analysis.

We press it again and we will enter how full the bowl is. In this case we’ve set it to the maximum, press again and it’s ready for inhalation. We’ll do a simulated vaporisation with this info... in this case, once we’ve inhaled, it tells us how much of the THC we consumed (7.6%) and how much CBD (0.1%).

To vaporise extractions whether rosin or oil, we can use this piece, which is ceramic, we open it and fit the stone that comes as an accessory. We put it inside and we would put the Rosin here.

If we want to vaporise oils, then we take one of these cotton pads that are supplied, place it on top of the stone and soak the cotton with a little oil. We’d close it, it’s that simple, and place it inside the vapour bowl… like this.

We can find the application on Android but not on iOS because Apple didn’t want to collaborate with applications for vaporisers or e.cigarettes, but it’s on Android. It’s very simple, this is the main page, our menu and up here we go, for example, to Settings where we can configure the vibration, stealth mode or change the temperature units from ºCelsius to ºFahrenheit... and also on the dashboard we can see the temperature graph, and from here access the 4 paths or the 4 configurations.

And now comes the part that we already know how to do, which is consuming the herb. We take the vaporiser, turn it over, we’ve got the bowl here and with this herb that we have prepared, in this case it’s Key Lime Pie x Do-Si-Dos from Philosopher Seeds, we take it and break it up by hand to put it in the bowl... here we can open the air flow control, adjust the temperature and when it vibrates we can start vaporising.

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