DaVinci IQ 2

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Alchimiaweb.com presents the DaVinci IQ 2 vaporiser, the evolutionary version of the DaVinci IQ and the DaVinci MIQRO. It is designed to offer the best possible aroma experience.

DaVinci IQ 2, complete vaporisation in ceramic and glass

It is an improved model of the original IQ, offering the user greater control over vaporisation as well as improving efficiency obtaining high quality vapour.

One of the main improvements is the airflow control dial and the inhalation resistance located at the lower part which enables the user to select an airflow range between 40% lower and 67% higher than the original Davinci IQ model.

This ensures that every inhalation is regulated to our preferences, with a selection of intense flavour and light and fresh vapour to a concentrated, warmer and more powerful vapour. With all the possibilities between these extreme ranges we can enjoy every inhalation to the fullest.

DaVinci IQ 2, ready to use in less than 1 minute

Another great IQ2 innovation is the thicker, glass-lined internal bowl walls. Also the insulation that separates it from the battery is thicker thereby enhancing its performance and offering a better taste and a higher efficiency when vaporising the grass.

The IQ 2 is slightly larger than the original IQ due to the improved insulation, specifically 9% larger in size and 11 g heavier. Aesthetically the IQ 2 is quite similar, with a brushed aluminium finish providing a really nice look and a pleasant touch.

It has also been improved the Zirconia bead system being much easier to adjust and allowing us to enjoy shorter and tighter sessions without having to fill the whole bowl. The pearl is screwed to the desired level and the grass is pressed into the bowl.

DaVinci IQ 2, maximum session control with the App

Another important improvement is the control and measurement session system using the App via Bluetooth connection. There, we set the power and grass amount or marijuana resin extraction, such as Rosin or BHO, we want to consume. The App calculates the number of puffs and sessions, helping to find our ideal dosage.

The bowl has a 0.5g maximum grass capacity excluding the Zirconia bead. It is also compatible with single 0.2g dose pods that can be preloaded offering great versatility and comfort, especially for therapeutic cannabis users.

IQ 2 is easy to use, just turn it on and select the desired temperature on the screen. It will be warm and ready to use in less than 1 minute. Thanks to the App it is possible to configure the operation modes and the session progress so that the temperature fluctuates as you like or it turns off automatically after the time you have set.

DaVinci IQ 2 vaporiser info:

  • Portable grass and concentrates vaporiser
  • Dimensions: 4.5cm x 9.2cm x 2.5cm
  • Weight: 159g
  • Warm-up time: less than 1 minute
  • Bowl capacity: 0.5g
  • Filling bowl can be adjusted by means of the Zirconia bead
  • It is compatible with therapeutic use thanks to the vapour path made of Zirconia ceramics and glass
  • 5 sets regulation system
  • Removable 18650 battery
  • 1h continuous use autonomy
  • Bluetooth connection and App pairing for consumption control and personalization
  • 10-year manufacturer's warranty

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