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Mighty Vaporizer

Alchimia proudly presents here the Mighty, the new portable vaporizer from Storz and Bickel, creators of Volcano . This is a high quality vaporizer, designed to last for a long time. Thanks to the couble litium battery, it produces dense vapour cloud [...]

  • 284.95€ 270.70€

Crafty+ vaporiser

We are glad to present here at Alchimia Grow Shop the Crafty+ portable vaporiser by Storz & Bickel, the Volcano vaporiser manufacturer specially designed to offer tasty and quality vapour thanks to its convection system. Crafty+ is an electric d [...]

  • 298.00€ 283.10€
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Firefly 2

Alchimia welcomes to its catalogue the portable vaporizer Firefly 2, the new version of the original Firefly. This elegant vaping device keeps the best features of the previous version but completely redesigned, being 55% lighter and 33% smaller! A [...]

  • Golden279.00€ 223.20€
  • Blue279.00€ 265.05€
  • Red279.00€ 265.05€
  • White279.00€ 265.05€
  • Black279.00€ 223.20€

DaVinci MIQRO presents the DaVinci MIQRO, the evolution of the DaVinci IQ vaporiser. It stands out for offering the same characteristics as its bigger brother in a much more compact body. DaVinci MIQRO measures just 3.5cm x 8cm x 2.3cm (33% less t [...]

  • Purple / Amethyst159.00€ 127.20€
  • Orange / Rust159.00€ 127.20€
  • Blue / Cobalt159.00€ 127.20€
  • Silver / Graphite159.00€ 127.20€
  • Black / Onyx159.00€ 127.20€

Da Vinci MIQRO Explorer Kit

MIQRO Explorer Kit is the new vaporiser created by DaVinci. It is very similar to its big brother the DaVinci IQ but it's 33% smaller and includes all the extras. Now at Alchimia Grow Shop. This Kit includes the Davinci MIQRO vaporiser, with 2x [...]

  • Purple / Amethyst210.00€ 168.00€
  • Orange / Rust210.00€ 168.00€
  • Blue / Cobalt210.00€ 168.00€
  • Silver / Graphite210.00€ 168.00€
  • Black / Onyx210.00€ 168.00€

AirVape Xs Go vaporiser

We are glad to present at Alchimia Grow Shop the AirVape Xs Go portable vaporiser, the AirVape X ultra-compact version. This small vaporiser has dimensions of only 35cm x 2.54cm x 3.3cm and weighs just 55g. It sits comfortably in your hand or in the [...]

  • 69.00€ 55.20€

Smono 4 vaporiser

We are glad to present at Alchimia Grow Shop the Smono 4 portable vaporiser. It is the ideal initiation device to the vapour world thanks to its great value for money. Smono 4 vaporiser, vaporise your grass by convection + conduction Its dimensions [...]

  • 88.50€ 70.80€

Smono 3 vaporiser

The Smono 3 portable vaporiser is now available at Alchimia Grow Shop. It is an ideal device for an entry level user to enjoy your cannabis bud harvest in a healthy way. Smono 3 Vaporiser, vaporises your herb by convection This device is very compa [...]

  • 88.50€ 70.80€

Vapium Lite vaporizer

Alchimia Grow Shop is glad to present the Vapium Lite portable herbal vaporiser. It is very compact, efficient and simple to use, perfect for enjoying your cannabis harvest. Vapium Lite Vaporiser, extremely compact It has dimensions of 10 x 2.2 x 3 [...]

  • 89.00€ 71.20€

PAX 3 - Complete kit

The new PAX 3 is already available in Alchimiaweb, the improved version of the acclaimed PAX 2 vaporizer. It can be used with either dried herbs or extracts with all the excellent features of the previous version. This compact vaporizer of elegant a [...]

  • Matte Rose Gold249.00€ 236.55€
  • Mate Teal (Product sold out)249.00€ 236.55€
  • Matte Silver249.00€ 236.55€
  • Matte Black249.00€ 236.55€

Pax 3 Basic Pack

Alchimiaweb invites you to discover the Pax 3 Basic Pack, which contains the essential elements to vape your favourite dried herbs with one of the best vaping devices on the market. This efficient, compact and discreet vaporiser is available in seve [...]

  • Pink - Gold199.00€ 189.05€
  • Matt Silver199.00€ 189.05€
  • Matt Blue 199.00€ 189.05€
  • Matte Black199.00€ 189.05€


Alchimiaweb is pleased to present the PAX 2, the second version of one of the best portable vaporizers on the market, developed in the USA and finally available across borders. This small device was designed to offer a compact, easy to use cannabis [...]

  • Silver149.00€ 141.55€
  • Black149.00€ 141.55€

DaVinci IQ

One of the market leaders and widely recognised for the high quality of their vaporisers, Da Vinci have continued to innovate with their products and are ready to present their latest portable vaporiser, the DaVinci IQ, one of the most advanced and i [...]

  • Black227.00€ 215.65€
  • Gray227.00€ 215.65€
  • Blue227.00€ 215.65€

Arizer ArGo vaporizer

Alchimia invites you to discover the Arizer ArGo, the new vaporiser created by the famous Canadian manufacturer behind the Arizer Air or the Arizer Solo. Available now at! The ArGo, short for Arizer GO, is a compact device and offers [...]

  • 188.00€ 169.20€

Arizer Solo II

Arizer is a Canadian brand known for the quality of its vaporisers like the Arizer Solo or Arizer Air, already familiar names on the market. Discover the newest addition to the brand family, the Solo II vaporiser on Alchimiaweb. The Arizer Solo is o [...]

  • Mystic Blue 198.00€ 158.40€
  • Carbon-Black198.00€ 158.40€

Herbva X Multipurpose Vaporiser

Herbva X by Aristech is a multifunctional portable vaporiser ideal for vaporising flowers, wax and extractions of BHO or Rosin... all in one device! At 7.5 x 3 cm in size, it's very compact, comfortably fitting in the pocket and, being really lightw [...]

  • 87.50€ 70.00€

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