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VapCap THE 'M' version

Alchimia invites you to discover the latest manual portable vaporiser from DynaVap in its 2019 version. A discreet and economical solution to vape your cannabis flowers or resin, now available online in our catalogue of vaporisers.

The VapCap M works manually, meaning we use a small jet lighter to heat the part containing the sample. Like all DynaVap vaporisers, the VapCap is equipped with a temperature indicator, whereby the tip will make a small click when the correct temperature is reached. With a little practice you'll be abe to obtain dense and very tasty vapour clouds with the VapCap.

Despite its economical price, the VapCap offers a quality design with materials that offer long useful life. The entire unit is made of medical grade steel.

It is very important to keep the unit clean for optimal use, especially when vaporising cannabis resin extracts. It's easy to clean, simply rinse with hot water and wipe with a little isopropyl alcohol on a cotton pad or paper towel.

To use it simply unscrew the tip to insert the sample. Heat the tip while rotating the vaporiser to avoid hot spots. Once at temperature you'll hear a little click, meaning we can start to inhale. Once cooled, the vaporiser will again emit a small click, a sign that it we can heat it up again if we want to continue the session.

VapCap THE "M" manual Vaporiser info:

  • Portable manual vaporizer
  • 100% stainless steel
  • Capacitor: standard
  • Overall length: 92mm
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Opinions about VapCap THE 'M' version and questions 4

05-06-2018-> Artur Ipati says:

couple of days?...2 days or 7 days

06-06-2018 -> Alchimia Grow Shop says:

Hi Artur,

Sorry, I meant 48 hours since you placed your order. ;)


04-06-2018-> Artur Ipati says:

hello i would like to buy vapcap m,i want to ask how fast you can deliver in valencia and if you have a fat mouthpiece 14mm water adapter.

05-06-2018 -> Alchimia Grow Shop says:

Hi Artur,

It'll take a couple of days to be delivered in Valencia. We're sorry we don't have the fat mouthpiece adapter for the Vapcap.



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