Selecting a Mother plant – Part 2: CLONING. Alchimia video tutorial

In this, the 2nd in the “Selecting a Mother” series of Alchimia tutorial videos, we focus on asexual reproduction techniques. We explain how to select new mother from clones (cuttings) that we’ll take from a mother plant in our growth tent, from the seeds we germinated in the last video.

Alchimia Growing Happiness

2 months have passed since we started germinating our 12 seeds of Rosso Corsa with the intention of selecting mothers.

During this period we’ve transplanted them to a bigger pot so they can reach the desired size for asexual reproduction. We’ll explain how we’re going to do it…

Asexual reproduction is nothing more than wat we commonly call cloning or taking cuttings. There’s no great mystery.The reason we gave them this growth period is because we need to take at least 3 clones from each individual.

It’s very important to properly label the copies, so the next step is to prepare 3 name tags for each provisional Mother we have. One of 12, two of 12, three of 12… and like that successively for all 12 plants.

To ensure they rot we’re going to choose the main branch, the most robust, as a backup copy of our Mother. We’ll take the 2 extra clones from among the more developed lower branches.

Hygiene is very important, so we must disinfect the scissors before we begin.

These 2 clones, once rooted and after a bit of growth, will go into flower, at 12/12h. We have a series of videos on cloning techniques available.

After cutting the main stem and the 2 clones, we’ve altered the structure of the planta before putting her back in the tent. As we still haven’t identified the Males and Females, their structures are different so we haven’t been able to take 3 cuttings from all the individuals. We’ll wait a few days before completing the job…

After pruning, the Mothers have be returned to the tent. See how they look now. It’s important to note every important step in our grow diary.

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