DAB Bubbler Water Pipe. Alchimia video tutorial

How do we consume Rosin extractions? Here we present a tutorial on how to use a water pipe or electric nail, using the cannabis concentrates from our own homegrown harvest. Without a doubt, the Bubbler is the method most used by consumers of BHO or ROSIN and this is a demonstration of the art of taking a DAB with the traditional system of water pipes or Bubblers.

Alchimia Growing Happiness

Hi guys, how’s it going? The other day we showed you how to press flowers and get ROSIN, and since it can’t all be hard work, today we’ll show you how to consume it.

On the market you’ll find different types of water pipes and electric nails, for example the E-nail Puffco Peak. But today we’re going to focus on the traditional method with a water pipe or Bubbler.

For those that have never used one, it needs to be filled with a bit of water. How much? Just enough so it doesn’t enter in the mouth as you inhale…

In this day and age, hygiene is fundamental, so we recommend that you clean the pipe with Isopropyl alcohol after every session. In this session we’re using this pipe, it’s fairly economical. Macro, what’s it made of?

It’s made from borosilicate, like the majority…

On the market you’re going to find a wide range of pipes, with crazy and creative designs, and of varying prices… the choice you make will depend on your tastes and your budget. We must take into account that the most important part is the nail or banger.

Which is where we deposit our extraction.


On the table we’ve prepares a small sample of the different nails you’ll find on the market. The 1st is made of Titanium with a glass dome, the 2nd is made of ceramic with a ceramic carb cap and the 3rd, which we recommend, is made from quartz with a glass carb cap.


It’s possible that after dabbing you’ll need to drink water, so have some at hand.

Let’s begin. The first step is to heat the nail with the torch, till it’s red hot as you can see. The next step is to start 30 seconds on the timer for it to cool down and we don’t burn ourselves when we inhale.

Using a Dabber we take a small sample of the extract. Let’s see Maria…

Let’s try this Key Lime Pie x Do-Si-Dos

At this moment we can use a Carb Cap so nothing escapes.

Take 2.

Oh, my god!

Take 3.

… that one really hit, eh!

Take 4.

Madre míaTake 20. You’re trembling.

Yes, and what do you want me to do? We can do whatever, but I’m telling you that if I take another hit... Bye, hasta mañana.

So with that and a cake, till tomorrow at 8!

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