E-Nail Puffco Peak

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Alchimia Grow Shop presents the Puffco Peak, a high quality portable e-Nail with built-in bubbler, so you can enjoy high quality cannabis resin extracts anywhere you please.

This device is truly compact and portable, measuring just18cm tall and 6.5cmin diameter at the base.

It consists of two parts, the body and the bubbler. In the body we find a LED indicator, a button and the atomiser, and the bubbler, which simply pushes on to connect to the body.

Portable E-Nail with 4 predefined temperatures

It works with a high capacity battery that is recharged via USB, taking two hours to be ready, which gives it autonomous operation for around 30 Dabs.

The atomiser contains a connector and a ceramic bowl, which will delicately and evenly heat up your high purity cannabis resins, such as BHO or Rosin, allowing us to enjoy truly tasty and consistent dabs.

In addition, it has 4 pre-selected temperatures indicated by a different color in the LED: blue 232ºC, green 260ºC, red 288ºC and white 315ºC.

At lower temperatures, the unit offers more flavour, and a lighter vapour, and at a higher temperature we can dab more resin at once, and get heavier clouds of vapour, satisfying all kinds of concentrate consumers.

Puffco Peak, extremely tasty and powerful dabs

The is very simple to use. First, we remove the bubbler from the base and introduce a small amount of water, before fitting it back in place.

Next we press the button for 3 seconds, until the device turns on and vibrates. We put a small amount of resin into the atomiser and cover it with the included Glass Carb Cap. This will improve the aroma and flavour of the BHO or the Rosin being consumed and produce denser clouds of vapour.

We can change the temperature by briefly pressing the button; with each press the LED will change color to indicate one of the 4 preset temperatures available.

When we want it to start heating up, we double click on the button and wait 20 seconds for it to be ready. It will notify us vibrating 3 times, and we can inhale.

E-Nail Puffco, efficient, solid and simple to clean

In addition, it has a Boost mode, which slightly increases the temperature for 15 seconds, allowing us to achieve higher vapour density and stronger dabs. We can activate it by pressing the button twice once the device is hot.

In addition, if we press the button 3 times when the device is on but not hot, the LED will show us the current battery status: if it is green, it has between 100% and 60% capacity, yellow, between 60% and 30%, and if red, there's only between 15% and 0% battery left.

Maintenance is simple, just clean the bubbler with isopropyl alcohol, and rinse the bowl with a cotton bud soaked in the same alcohol to keep it perfectly clean and in great condition.

Puffco Peak E-Nail info:

  • Portable smart E-Nail
  • Atomiser with ceramic bowl
  • Large capacity battery, with autonomy for 30 dabs
  • Recharges in 2h via USB
  • Compact, elegant and efficient
  • Dimensions: 18cm in height and 6.5cm in diameter at the base
  • 4 pre-selected temperatures: blue 232ºC, green 260ºC, red 288ºC and white 315ºC
  • 1x battery base
  • 1x Bubbler handmade
  • 1x USB cable
  • 1x Carb Cap
  • 1x Atomizer with two ceramic cups
  • 1x Dabber
  • 4x cleaning sticks
  • 1x case

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