Vaporisers for Cannabis Oil, Concentrates & Extracts

E-Nail Puffco Peak

Alchimia Grow Shop presents the Puffco Peak, a high quality portable e-Nail with built-in bubbler, so you can enjoy high quality cannabis resin extracts anywhere you please. This device is truly compact and portable, measuring just18cm tall and 6.5c [...]

  • 349.00€

E-Rig Pulsar RöK

The pleasure of consuming your concentrates is limitless and certainly you want to enjoy it everywhere in the best possible conditions. Alchimia is glad to present Pulsar RöK, an electronic Rig to vaporise BHO or Rosin and your cannabis flowers, [...]

  • 250.00€ 225.00€

Hyer Big-E heater presents the heater spare part for the Hyer Big-E portable E-nail, so you can replace it in case of breakage or loss, or simply to keep an extra one. Hyer Big-E ceramic heater with a 30W power The removable integrated 30W heater is [...]

  • 39.00€

Hyer Big-E quartz banger

Now available in our catalogue at these quartz glass bangers for the Hyer Big-E portable E-nail, channelling the resin vapour from the heater to our glass pipe. These quartz glass domes are available with a 14mm male or female gasket [...]

  • Male26.00€
  • Female26.00€

Cookies x G Pen Roam vaporiser

Alchimia presents G Pen Roam vaporiser, developed to consume cannabis concentrates. This model was designed in collaboration with the US company Cookies and produced in a limited edition. Show off the exclusive Cookies colours with the Cookies x G Pe [...]

  • 299.95€

IStick Battery + D-Lux Atomiser Kit

Alchimia Grow Shop presents the IStick Battery + D-Lux Atomiser Kit, a perfect equipment to vaporise your BHO or Rosin resin extractions. It is a very compact, elegant, useful and comfortable kit to carry in any pocket. It is a very discreet and sim [...]

  • 38.00€

IStick Amnis 900mAh Battery

Alchimia Grow Shop presents the IStick Amnis 900mAh Battery, compatible with your e-liquid or extractions atomisers. IStick Amnis 900mAh Battery, compatible with 510 thread atomisers It has dimensions of 18x24x71mm and a weight of 34.2g, with  [...]

  • 25.00€

Tsunami 3 in 1 Vaporiser

Alchimia Grow Shop presents the Tsunami 3 in 1 cannabis resin and flower vaporiser, designed to be extremely versatile, compact and easy to use. It has a very similar design and dimensions to those of an e-cigarette or POD Vaporizer, with a hei [...]

  • (Product sold out)48.50€

Pulsar APX Wax

Now at the cannabis resin vaporiser Pulsar APX WAX, very compact and very powerful. Available now in our online vaporiser catalogue. This small vaporiser for BHO or Rosin measures only 8.9cm tall, which makes it very convenient to us [...]

  • Tie Dye81.00€
  • Silver (Product sold out)81.00€
  • Black81.00€

X-Vape Vista Vaporizer

Alchimia presents the X-Vape Vista vaporiser, a handy piece of kit characterised by its versatility: you can use it as E-nail on your favourite water pipe, or as a portable E-Rig with the included glass bubbler. The Vista is composed of a heating un [...]

  • (Product sold out)194.00€

Linx Ares

Linx Vapor present here their new wax pen vaporizer, an amazing tool to vape your favourite concentrates which is already available in Alchimiaweb. Similar to a conventional pen, Linx Ares is a discreet vaping decive has been especially designed for [...]

  • 114.00€

Source Orb 4 - Signature Kit Vaporizer

Source Orb 4 - Signature Kit is the most complete and recent version of this renowned vaporizer for resin extracts developed by Source Vapes, now available in Alchimiaweb (European exclusive). Source Orb 4 has all the excellent features of the previ [...]

  • Model 2 (Product sold out)155.00€

Source Orb 4 Model 2 - 510 Attachment

Source Orb, the famous concentrate vaporisers US brand, proposes you a modification of one of its most popular products, the Source Orb 4 mouthpiece, including 4 of the most appreciated atomisers. The Source Orb 4 model 2 - 510 Attachment is availab [...]

  • (Product sold out)49.95€

Muad-Dib + Orbiter + Power Cord kit

Alchimiaweb presents here this kit, which includes the Muad-Dib vaporizer - the vaping device for BHO from Magic Flight - the Orbiter bubbler and the corresponding power cord. In this way, using the Muad-Dib vaporizer is easier and more comfortable, [...]

  • Black (Product sold out)280.00€
  • Walnut (Product sold out)280.00€

Muad-Dib + UFO + batteries kit

Now you can get the Muad-Dib vaporizer with a set of accessories to extend its features. This kit includes the UFO adapter and two batteries. Already available in Alchimia Grow Shop. In this way, you can purchase the Muad-Dib in black colour or waln [...]

  • Black (Product sold out)175.00€
  • Walnut (Product sold out)175.00€

Muad-Dib + maple bubbler/bong adapter

This kit includes the Muad-Dib vaporizer and a 14mm connecting whip for bongs or bubblers, made of maple wood. Now available in Alchimiaweb. In this way, those who enjoy hydrating the vapour of their vaporizer with a bong or bubbler can do it easily [...]

  • Black (Product sold out)166.00€
  • Walnut (Product sold out)166.00€

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