Vaporisers for Cannabis Oil, Concentrates & Extracts

Here you can find our wide range of vaporisers specially designed for consuming cannabis concentrates or resins such as BHO or Rosin.

Although some of these devices offer accessories enabling users to vaporise dry herbs, they are principally aimed at resin lovers who wish to enjoy cannabis concentrates in the most convenient way possible.

There are many options available if you're looking for a portable vaporiser, such as the Linx Zero, to mention just one of many handy devices that allow you to vaporise your cannabis oils on the go, anywhere and anytime you like.

On the other hand, we also offer a range of devices designed for home use, such as E-nails which are fitted to a bong or bubbler to provide a great way to dab at a consistent, stable temperature and removing the need to use a blowtorch.

Featured products in Vaporisers for Cannabis Oil, Concentrates & Extracts

Puffco New Peak Pro

From 450.00€

Storm vaporizer

85.45€ 89.95€

Xvape Aria


Featured offers Vaporisers for Cannabis Oil, Concentrates & Extracts

X-Vape Vista Vaporizer

184.30€ 194.00€

Hyer Big-E quartz banger

From 23.40€ 26.00€

Hyer Big-E heater

35.10€ 39.00€

E-Nail Puffco Peak

296.65€ 349.00€

Latest in Vaporisers for Cannabis Oil, Concentrates & Extracts

Puffco New Peak Pro

Welcome to the future of dab! We present the New Peak Pro by Puffco, a premium vaporizer for cannabis concentrates. An intelligent device that allows you to enjoy to the maximum the effects and terpenes of our extractions. Certainly, the New Peak P [...]

  • Onix450.00€
  • Pearl450.00€
  • Desert450.00€

Smono 4 Bubble Vaposiser

We present Smono 4 Bubble, surely the best cannabis vaporiser by this brand. Unlike its predecessor Smono 4, the 4.5 version includes a glass Bubbler for filtering and cooling vapour and an adapter for resins and oils. You can now vaporise herb and e [...]

  • 95.00€

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Storm vaporizer - Cannabis portable vaporizers

Alchimia is pleased to present Storm, a pen-shaped vaporiser with a very elegant style, made of stainless steel and particularly resistant. It is ideal to take with us when we trav [...]

  • 89.95€ 85.45€

Xvape Aria - Cannabis portable vaporizers

Xvape presents its new portable vaporiser model for dry grass and concentrates consumption. A vaporiser with the most advanced technology to make the most of your cannabis in the b [...]

  • 99.00€

Herborizer Bubbler Ti - Cannabis desktop vaporizers

Now in the Alchimia catalogue, the Herborizer Bubbler Ti convection vaporiser, a new version of the classic Herborizer XL that allows us to vaporise both flowers and resins [...]

  • (Out of stock) 439.00€ 395.10€

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3D Grinders ColdCase - Small boxes, jars and containers

Alchimia presents the new ColdCase canisters by 3D Grinders, specially designed to keep resin extractions such as Rosin [...]

  • Weed Porn Blue 28.00€ 18.20€
  • Rosin White 28.00€ 18.20€
  • 3D Grinders ColdCase Icelator 28.00€ 18.20€
  • 3D Grinders ColdCase Bubble Hash Pink 28.00€ 18.20€
  • 710 Wax Black 28.00€ 18.20€
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