Vaporisers for Cannabis Oil, Concentrates & Extracts


The Proxy Puffco

Puffco, the concentrate vaporiser brand, presents The Proxy, its latest innovation. A portable glass pipe to vaporise cannabis concentrates wherever you are, producing dense and tasty vapour clouds. This device is now available in our catalogue of va [...]

  • 360.00€

The Puffco Hot Knife , electronic dabber

Alchimia presents The Puffco Hot Knife, an electronic dabber, and the newest innovation in The Puffco catalogue. It represents the latest technology in dabbing, where consuming cannabis extractions becomes a much easier and cleaner experience. Many [...]

  • 75.00€

E-Nail Puffco Peak

Alchimia Grow Shop presents the Puffco Peak, a high quality portable e-Nail with built-in bubbler, so you can enjoy high quality cannabis resin extracts anywhere you please. This device is truly compact and portable, measuring just18cm tall and 6.5c [...]

  • 349.00€ 279.20€

The Wand

Alchimia presents The Wand by Ispire, a device that represents a real revolution for cannabis concentrate lovers. Extraction vaporisations with no need for a blowtorch, directly with The Wand and a Bubbler. Using The Wand, there are no more problems [...]

  • 150.00€

Puffco Peak Pro

Alchimia is proud to present the latest version of one of the best portable dab rigs for vaporising cannabis extracts, available now in our catalogue of vaporisers for concentrates, the Puffco Peak Pro. The Puffco Peak Pro is an improved version of [...]

  • 475.00€ 451.25€

E-Rig Pulsar RöK

The pleasure of consuming your concentrates is limitless and certainly you want to enjoy it everywhere in the best possible conditions. Alchimia is glad to present Pulsar RöK, an electronic Rig to vaporise BHO or Rosin and your cannabis flowers, [...]

  • 250.00€ 200.00€

Portable E-rig Dabton V2 by Graveda

Alchimia presents the portable electronic dab rig Dabton V2, a device for vaporising cannabis extractions such as BHO or Rosin, in the most efficient way possible, available online now in our concentrate vaporiser catalogue. Erig Dabton V2 is a devi [...]

  • 199.99€ 169.99€

G Pen Roam vaporizer

Alchimia presents the G Pen Roam vaporiser, a portable device for vaping cannabis concentrates, such as BHO or Rosin. It features a stylish, compact and discreet design and is very effective during its use. It is now available in our vaporisers&rsquo [...]

  • 249.95€ 174.97€

G Pen Connect

Alchimia presents G Pen, a vaporiser brand conceived primarily for cannabis extracts consumption. It is a brand present in the sector for several years, always offering innovative, efficient and easy-to-use products. G Pen Connect is a device that a [...]

  • 149.00€ 104.30€

Storm vaporizer

Alchimia is pleased to present Storm, a pen-shaped vaporiser with a very elegant style, made of stainless steel and particularly resistant. It is ideal to take with us when we travel or are out and about to enjoy weed or extractions anywhere in any c [...]

  • (Out of stock)89.95€ 71.96€

Erig Dabton Junior Resin Vaporiser for Extracts

We present Erig Dabton Junior Vaporiser by Graveda, ideal for consuming cannabis extracts in a simple and elegant way. Erig Dabton Junior, a portable Rosin and BHO vaporiser, with USB port This vaporiser is designed to be taken anywhere without [...]

  • 89.99€ 76.49€

Xvape Aria

Xvape presents its new portable vaporiser model for dry grass and concentrates consumption. A vaporiser with the most advanced technology to make the most of your cannabis in the best conditions. This product is now available in our portable vaporise [...]

  • (Out of stock)99.00€

Flowermate Slick Vaporiser

We present the Slick vaporiser from Flowermate, the slimmest dry flower vape in their collection, it's stylish, discreet and incredibly easy to use. It's made from medical grade materials, with a borosilicate glass mouthpiece and an isolated airflow [...]

  • (Out of stock)69.95€

Cookies x G Pen Roam vaporiser

Alchimia presents G Pen Roam vaporiser, developed to consume cannabis concentrates. This model was designed in collaboration with the US company Cookies and produced in a limited edition. Show off the exclusive Cookies colours with the Cookies x G Pe [...]

  • 299.95€ 209.97€

Puffco Plus

Alchimia invites you to discover the Puffco Plus concentrate vaporiser, an extremely discreet yet incredibly effective pen-shaped device, now available in our catalogue of portable vaporisers for cannabis extracts. The Puffco Plus is perfect for peo [...]

  • Standard99.00€
  • Vision (Out of stock)99.00€

IStick Battery + D-Lux Atomiser Kit

Alchimia Grow Shop presents the IStick Battery + D-Lux Atomiser Kit, a perfect equipment to vaporise your BHO or Rosin resin extractions. It is a very compact, elegant, useful and comfortable kit to carry in any pocket. It is a very discreet and sim [...]

  • (Out of stock)38.00€

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