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Hyer Big-E heater presents the heater spare part for the Hyer Big-E portable E-nail, so you can replace it in case of breakage or loss, or simply to keep an extra one.

Hyer Big-E ceramic heater with a 30W power

The removable integrated 30W heater is manufactured with a high quality ceramic, quickly heats up retaining a stable and homogeneous temperature to provide a great vaporisation of our cannabis resins and concentrates.

It is designed with a small central hole in which we attach the Big-E quartz nail, then covered with the quartz dome which collects the vapour, assembled to our favourite bong or bubbler.

This materials combination ensures that each puff is as tasty and pure as possible, being all completely inert and leaving no aftertaste.

Hyer Big-E heater, pure and concentrated vaps

You will enjoy each inhalation with the certainty that you do not inhale any undesirable element, while enjoying the full terpenic profile of your extractions.

To use the heater, it needs to be connected to the Hyer Big-E connection port with the power cord and, if necessary, the extension cable.

Then, we set the desired temperature, switching on the device which takes just 90 seconds to heat up and get ready to enjoy our favourite cannabis resins.

Hyer Big-E ceramic heater info:

  • Made of high quality ceramic
  • Power up to 30W
  • Heats in 90 seconds
  • Keeps heat homogeneous and stable
  • Fits perfectly with the Hyer Big-E nail and quartz dome
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