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In this category at AlchimiaWeb online grow shop you can discover all the accessories you'll need for to get the most out of your portable or table vaporisers.

Here you can find replacement bags for Volcano, the BHO/resin adaptor for the Magic Flight, spare batteries for the Firefly, all the accessories for the PAX as well as accessories for all the other vaporisers available in our catalogue.

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Crafty - Mighty grids set

Now you have available in Alchimia this set of spare screens for both the Crafty and Mighty portable vaporizers. The set [...]

  • 4.40€

Solid Valve Set de Volcano

The Solid Valve Set from Vulcano is one of the two initial kits that Volcano suggests you to start using its two flagship product [...]

  • 99.00€

Mighty vaporizer power supply

Power adapter for charging the batteries of the Mighty portable vaporizer, so we can charge the batteries of our vaping device u [...]

  • (Out of stock) 29.90€

Plenty thin mesh screen set

Set of fine-grained mesh for Plenty marijuana vaporizer . Includes 6 replacement mesh screens for the [...]

  • 9.50€

Crafty - Mighty liquid pads

Complemet your Mighty or Crafty portable vaporizers with this set of 4 liquid pads, so you can vaporize cannabis resins like [...]

  • 9.00€

Somo 4 mouthpiece

Now available in our catalogue the mouthpiece designed for Somo 4 vaporisers, a spare piece to [...]

  • 9.00€

Arizer Extreme Q screen kit

Set of replacement meshes for herbal vaporizer Arizer Extreme Q . These stainless steel mesh pieces serve as spare [...]

  • 5.00€

Smono 3 mouthpiece

Smono 3 vaporiser replacement mouthpiece, now available in our vaporiser accessories catalogue. Smon [...]

  • (Out of stock) 12.00€

The Peak Travel Glass

The Puffco Travel Glass is ideal for users who want to carry their portable dab rig everywhere while keeping it ready for use, now available in th [...]

  • 109.00€

G Pen Pro mouthpiece

Discover the replacement mouthpiece for the G Pen Pro vaporiser, now available online in the cannabis vaporiser accessories category here at Alchimiaweb. Enjoy all [...]

  • (Out of stock) 4.95€

Volcano Easy Valve filling chamber housing

Alchimia Grow Shop presents the Easy Valve filling chamber housing - Volcano Classic/Digital/Hybrid, the replacement for the Volcano vaporiser plastic protective filling chamber. [...]

  • For Volcano Classic, Digital and Hybrid (Out of stock) 11.00€

Easy Valve Starter Set de Volcano

The Easy Valve from Volcano is the easiest to use accessory in the range of Volcano vaporizers, both in its classical version and the [...]

  • 99.00€
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Spare bowl Herborizer

Replacement bowl for Herborizer. There are two sizes of bowl for two sizes of bong's, one 18.8 mm and one 14.5 mm which are adaptable to the vast majority of bong's on the market and can be instant [...]

  • TI 18.8 mm 35.00€ 33.25€
  • For XL: 14.5 mm 35.00€ 31.50€

Spare Herborizer grid

Spare grid for Herborizer, after a few uses of the vaporizer it is recommended to change the grids for better its use. Features of Spare Grid for Herborizer [...]

  • (Out of stock) 5.00€

Herborizer current transformer

Current transformer for Herborizer vaporizer, this piece is essential to the properly use of the vaporizer. If the case of an overload of tension given by a storm and the p [...]

  • 35.00€

IOLITE Cleaning tool

Replacing of the small hand tool included in the original IOLITE. Its function is to allow us to disassemble the filling camera and its mesh [...]

  • 6.50€ 5.85€

IOLITE Mouthpiece extension

Pack of 3 spare parts of the inhalation tube of the vaporizer IOLITE Original. Includes: 3x sho [...]

  • (3ud) 10.00€ 9.00€

IOLITE Metalic Mesh

Pack of 3 stainless steel replacement meshes of IOLITE vaporizer. Used to change the background mesh of the filling chamber [...]

  • (3ud) 15.00€
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