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Volcano Hybrid filling chamber

Alchimia Grow Shop presents the Volcano Hybrid filling chamber replacement, to substitute the original part in case it is broken or lost. The filling chamber is made of stainless steel and food grade plastic. It is heat resistant and do not produce [...]

  • 59.00€

Volcano Hybrid 3x flexible tube replacement

Alchimia Grow Shop presents the Volcano Hybrid (3 units) replacement flexible tube, to replace the original one in case it gets dirty or broken. Volcano Hybrid (3 units) flexible replacement tube, to comfortably inhale the vapour This set contains [...]

  • 29.90€

Volcano Hybrid flexible tube with connector kit

Alchimia presents this flexible silicone tube and connector kit, designed to replace the original inhalation tube. Volcano Hybrid tube and connector kit, to inhale the vapour without using a bag It is a 1m long tube with an ergonomic plastic mouthp [...]

  • 19.90€

Chamber Grid boundless CFX

Introducing the Boundless CFX Vaporiser replacement chamber grids, a replacement part for this vaporiser that has proved so satisfactory in our vape sessions The chamber grid may need to be replaced during the vaporiser lifetime. [...]

  • 2 units (Product sold out)2.50€

Deposit 8 Capsules For Liquids Crafty / Mighty

Strorz and Bickel are the Mighty and Crafty creators and are presenting here an accessory to enjoy our liquids and resin extractions vapes, this case with 8 single-dose capsules for liquids. This pack of 8 single-dose capsules for liquids is present [...]

  • 11.00€

Single-dose capsules for Crafty or Mighty liquids

This set of 40 single-dose capsules is the ideal complement to vaporise resin and liquid concentrates with the Mighty or Crafty vaporisers. The capsule is a small metal container with a lid, with small holes, containing a metal bearing to place the [...]

  • 39.90€

APX WAX vaporiser replacement mouthpiece

Now available at, the APX WAX resin vaporiser glass mouthpiece replacement, it has a bell shape and it is fitted over the atomiser to inhale the vapour produced. This glass mouthpiece is press-fitted over the atomiser and c [...]

  • 8.00€

APX Vape Mouthpiece offers you this replacement mouthpiece for the APX Vape portable vaporiser, designed to be comfortable and ergonomic, in addition to offering vapour hits as cool as possible. This replacement nozzle is made of food-grade plastic, but [...]

  • 12.00€

Herbva X Wax Bullet

Available here 5 spare Herbva X Multipurpose Vaporiser Wax Bullet cartridges. Ideal to always have a full BHO cartridge ready to vaporise. [...]

  • 12.50€

Herbva X Mouthpiece

Alchimia presents this spare Herbva X vaporiser mouthpiece. You can now replace the original part in case of loss or damage. This piece is composed of a glass tube, a metal filter and rubber o-rings that ensure a good fit and allow it to be easily r [...]

  • 4.50€

Atmos Aegis Mouthpiece

Alchimia offers you a spare Atmos Aegis vaporiser mouthpiece. You can now replace the original model in case of loss or breakage. This nozzle is specially designed for the Aegis model. It offers the ultimate in comfort and incorporates a silico [...]

  • 9.90€

Replacement battery 16850 for vaporiser

Now available at Alchimiaweb, this Spare Battery (model 18650 INR 30Q) is designed for use with top quality portable vaporisers and has a capacity of 3000mAh. The battery is a crucial element, responsible for providing portable power to the vaporise [...]

  • (Product sold out)12.00€

Atmos Vicod 5G replacement mouthpieces

Now you can find in Alchimiaweb this set of mouthpieces for the Atmos Vicod 5G so you can replace the original ones in case of damage or loss. It includes both the simple and the glass mouthpiece so you can choose your favourite one. [...]

  • (Product sold out)9.50€

Magazine for Crafty and Mighty (S&B) 8 dosing capsules

The new dosing capsules for Mighty and Crafty vaporisers (Storz & Bickel) are already available in Alchimiaweb. With this magazine you can store up to 8 dosing capsules and be ready to vape wherever you are. After using one capsule, simply repla [...]

  • 6.75€

Vapcap M Vape Mouthpiece

The Fat Mouthpiece is the ideal complement to use with Vapcap M portable vaporiser. It has a simple assembly system, just place it over the metal mouthpiece like a cover. It is well suited to other vaporisers with a 14mm mouthpiece. Fat Mouthpiece [...]

  • 2.00€

40 dosing capsules for Mighty and Crafty (S&B)

Discover now the new dosing capsules for Crafty and Mighty vaporisers (Storz & Bickel). Already available in Alchimiaweb! Vaping is easier than ever with this kit of 40 capsules. You just have to fill them with your favourite ground herb and sto [...]

  • (Product sold out)12.75€

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