Mighty vaporizer power supply

Power adapter for charging the batteries of the Mighty portable vaporizer, so we can charge the batteries of our vaping device using any wall socket. 5A, 240V. [...]

  • 19.90€ 15.90€

Mighty cooling unit

Now available in Alchimia Grow shop, the spare cooling unit for the Mighty portable vaporizer includes its two parts and the mouthpiece. It cools down the vapour to enjoy a true tasteful and pleasant taste thanks to its design, which restrains and c [...]

  • (Product sold out)14.90€ 11.90€

Mighty/Crafty 18mm bong adaptor

Alchimiaweb puts at your disposal this adaptor to connect your Mighty or Crafty vaporizers to any bong with 18mm joint, moisturizing and cooling the vapor and thus improving its flavor while reducing throat irritation. It fits directly into the vapo [...]

  • 14.50€ 10.85€

Mighty/Crafty 14mm bong adapter

Now available in Alchimia Grow Shop this adapter for the Mighty and the Crafty, with which you can connect them to a bong with 14mm gasket. Thus, you can hydrate and cool the vapor generated by the vaporizer, decreasing throat irritation while enhan [...]

  • 14.50€ 11.55€

Filling chamber bowl rechange for Vaporizer 350

When by part of the job, you not have or you break it the bowl, we contribute to your peace of mind, offering you the rechange for the filling chamber bowl. This bowl is suitable for Fuzion Vaporizer 350. So you can still enjoy your favorite vapors [...]

  • 15.00€ 12.00€

CFX Replacement Mouthpiece Screens

Replacement screens for the mouthpiece of the CFX vaporizer, so you can replace the original one in case of damage or obturation. [...]

  • 2 units2.50€ 1.85€

Arizer Air/Air 2 glass aroma tube

Now you can find in Alchimia the replacement glass aroma tube for the Arizer Air and Air2 vaporizers, made of borosilicate glass with a glass mesh included, so we only need to put a small bud on its lower part, insert it in the vaporizer and start va [...]

  • (Product sold out)14.00€ 10.45€

Volcano Classic/Digital Easy Valve filling chamber housing

Alchimia Grow Shop presents the Easy Valve filling chamber housing - Volcano Classic/Digital, the replacement for the Volcano vaporiser plastic protective filling chamber. Easy Valve filling chamber housing spare part - Volcano Classic/Digital This [...]

  • 9.00€ 6.70€

VOLCANO - 3 metres bag - 1 pack

This is a 3 metre replacement bag for Classic and Digital Volcano vaporizers. This set includes a 3 metre roll of high quality transparent food grade polyester bag, highly resistant to temperature, as well as being totally neutral, so it does not le [...]

  • 5.00€ 4.00€

Replacement Set Easy Valve for Volcano

Replacement set of mouthpiece Easy Valve + Volcano Vaporizer bag. This set of spare parts is compatible with Volcano Classic and Volcano Digital models, whenever the Easy Valve Filling Chamber is used. Includes: 6x Kit Bag of 60cm + mouthpiece [...]

  • Replacement Set48.00€ 38.35€

Volcano liquids screens

Set of two mesh liquid screens for the Solid Valve electric volcano vaporizer . These special mesh screens of coiled wire, like steel wool as it were, are similar to a metal sponge and have a higher density of small holes preventing the oils from dr [...]

  • 5.10€ 4.55€

Arizer extreme Q filling chamber

Part of spare Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer , made of borosilicate glass. This vaporizer component is the filling chamber for herbs, ie, which will be charged in order to vaporize. It has a heat resistant silicone coating to the top of the filling cha [...]

  • (Product sold out)10.00€ 7.45€

Vaponic steel filters

Replacement/spare mesh filter for Vaponic portable vaporizer . This fine mesh has been bent as it must be inserted into the inner tube of the vaporizer, ensuring that when we inhale, no particles pass through. Made of stainless steel, it can be cle [...]

  • 5 units (Product sold out)6.50€ 4.85€

Arizer Extreme Q screen kit

Set of replacement meshes for herbal vaporizer Arizer Extreme Q . These stainless steel mesh pieces serve as spares for the glass elbow and the filling chamber. Arizer Extreme Q Spare Mesh Set: 2x Ordinary mesh 2x pan type mesh [...]

  • 5.00€ 3.70€

Vaponic outer glass tube

Replacement outer tube for the portable Vaponic Vaporizer . This piece, made ??of borosilicate glass, includes a line that marks the area to be heated, incorporating a small logo. [...]

  • 3.00€ 2.20€

Plenty filling chamber

Replacement parts for the bowl or filling chamber for the plenty herbal vaporizer, from the legendary Volcano manufacturer. This set includes the two parts that make up the bowl and with two mesh pieces. [...]

  • 19.20€ 14.35€

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