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Alchimia invites you to discover the Puffco Plus concentrate vaporiser, an extremely discreet yet incredibly effective pen-shaped device, now available in our catalogue of portable vaporisers for cannabis extracts.

The Puffco Plus is perfect for people looking for a concentrate device that they can take everywhere with them, that is able to both produce dense and flavourful vapour while being very practical thanks to its reduced size.

Puffco Plus, a highly efficient pen vaporiser

The Puffco Plus is considered to be one of the most flavourful concentrate pen vaporisers, winning awards for its excellent design. The version shown here is an improved version of the base model.

The cap of the Puffco Plus includes an accessory to help loading the filling chamber, but also prevents the concentrates from overflowing and also plays the role of carb cap in order to densify the vapour produced by the device.

The filling chamber is made of ceramic with no direct contact between the heating element and extractions, which allows you to preserve the flavours of your concentrates, since they will not be overheated by direct contact with the heating element The device offers 3 different heating temperatures to adapt to all types of consumers. The Sesh mode is also available on this device, just activate by pressing the button twice to enjoy a 12 second inhalation.

To improve the use of the Puffco Plus vaporiser, the manufacturer recommends that you do not overfill the filling chamber, do not use too much extract, and avoid putting any over the vents.

Inside the Puffco Plus box, you will find the vaporiser, the USB charger and finally some cotton buds for cleaning the device. For a better experience, it will be preferable to carry out soft and long inhalations to have more dense and tasty vapour. Wait a few seconds for the filling chamber to heat up and keep the vaporiser upright while in use.

How to clean the filling chamber of the Puffco Plus?

To clean the white ceramic filling chamber, simply start heating in Sesh mode by clicking twice on the button, this will heat the filling chamber and make the residue easier to remove. It will then be enough to unscrew the mouthpiece and, using the cotton swabs supplied with the device or with the Chaz Busters organic cotton swabs, remove the residue of oils and concentrates at the bottom of the filling chamber.

It will also be possible to clean the thread, either with heat and the cotton swab or by using a little alcohol if the thread is really dirty and with a lot of resin. From time to time it will also be recommended to clean the gold contact that is between the atomizer and the battery so that the proper connection is made. Finally, to ensure that your vaporiser has a longer lifespan, you must avoid operating the device empty and not carry out more than 4 consecutive heatings.

Features of Puffco Plus concentrate vaporiser:

  • Pen vaporiser for concentrates
  • Coil-Less filling chamber
  • 3 heat settings
  • Sesh-Mode
  • Fast charge
  • Long battery life
  • Integrated Carb cap
  • Integrated expandable loading tool
  • Precision machined alloy case
  • Resists fingerprints

Properties of Puffco Plus

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