Resin vaporizers atomizers

The atomizer is an essential part of resin vaporisers, it acts as a heating element, transforming our concentrates into aromatic clouds of vapour.

These devices have a limited useful life, and they must be replaced when they get too dirty or when they break.

In this section of Alchimia Grow Shop you will find spare atomizers for all the relevant devices in our catalogue.

Puffco Peak Smart Rig Atomiser

Alchimia offers you the Puffco Peak SmartRig atomiser replacement, now available in our resin vaporisers and accessories catalogue. Puffco Peak atomisers With the Puffco Peak vaporizer you can dab very easily anywhere, without needing electric powe [...]

  • 44.00€

Erig Dabton atomizer

Graveda's Erig Dabton Atomizer is the original replacement for the quality E-rig Dabton that is capable of transforming resin extracts into dense and large clouds of vapor. When the atomizer reaches the end of its useful life, a replacement is neces [...]

  • 29.99€

Pulsar APX Wax Atomiser - 5 units

Now available online in the vaporiser accessory catalogue here at Alchimia, we present this kit of 5 spare atomisers for the Pulsar APX Wax vape, made of Quartz and with a triple coil. These atomisers are easy to replace and highly efficient, provid [...]

  • 75.00€

Pulsar GO Thick Oil Atomizer 5 units

Now in the Alchimia Grow Shop vaporiser accessory catalogue, this kit of 5 replacement atomisers for the Pulsar Go Thick Oil e-liquid Vaporiser. These atomisers have a capacity of 0.8ml, with a 0.2 Ohm ceramic element, simply remove the original Pul [...]

  • 32.50€

Source Orb 3 - Terra Atomizer (5 units)

This 5 unit pack of Terra atomizers has been especially created for the Source Orb 3 vaporizer, so you can get the most out of your favourite resin concentrates. These coil less atomizers use a ceramic ring - donut shaped - to heat the extracts more [...]

  • 48.00€

Source Orb attachment + XL atomizer

The new Source Orb attachment + XL atomizer is already available in Alchimiaweb's catalog of accessories for concentrate vaporisers. With 5 different positions, the variable airflow system (VAS) allows the user to adjust the airflow to his personal [...]

  • 52.00€

Linx Ares Replacement Atomiser

Now available in the Alchimia vaporiser accessories catalogue, this replacement atomiser for the Linx Ares cannabis resin vaporiser. This atomiser is a nectar collector-type, having a heating element that allows vaporisation of cannabis oils by simp [...]

  • 27.00€

Atomiser Pulsar Rök

Alchimia presents the Pulsar RöK resin and concentrates vaporiser atomiser replacement. A product now available in our accessories for vaporisers catalogue. This quartz atomiser is ideal for vaporising your BHO or Rosin concentrates. It is not [...]

  • 18.00€

D-Lux BHO Pro Atomiser

Alchimia presents the D-Lux BHO Pro atomiser, now available in our catalogue of vaporiser accessories. This complete kit includes three atomiser heads, allowing us to replace them at will once used. To help them them last longer, we can regularly us [...]

  • 20.00€

Source Orb XL - Tiple Coil Quartz Atomizers

The Source Orb XL Triple Coil quartz atomizers have the largest capacity on the market, up to 1gr of concentrate! Still, the manufacturer - Source Vapes - recommends to fill it up to 75% to avoid leaks. The manufacturing material (Quartz) provides s [...]

  • 3 units46.00€

Replacement Atomiser for Atmos Studio Rig

Hera at AlchimiaWeb we offer these replacement atomisers for Atmos Studio Rig bubbler/vaporiser.Choose between a more durable titanium atomiser, or a ceramic atomiser for a superior organoleptic experience. [...]

  • 27.00€
  • Ceramic27.00€

Kiln Ra cartridge replacement

New at Alchimiaweb, the updated Kiln Ra vaporiser cartridge, with a deep ceramic chamber and a ceramic atomiser. Not only can you replace the original parts if needed, but now it's also compatible with any standard Atmos or 510 threaded battery! It [...]

  • Black (Out of stock)40.00€
  • White40.00€

Source Orb 3 - pack Chrome Head + 4 atomisers

This pack contains a chrome head for the Source Orb 3 as well as four different atomisers. With a stylish and high quality finish, the chrome head offers two air inlets for optimum airflow. The pack includes two different metal coil atomisers, one [...]

  • 48.00€

Source Orb 4 - Source TERRA 2 Atomizers (3 units)

Exclusively manufactured for the Source Orb 4 vaporizer, Source Terra 2 represent the 5th generation of coil-less atomizers developed by Source Vapes. It consists of a full heated all-ceramic cup ideal for vaping at low temperatures. Coil-less atomi [...]

  • 48.00€

BHO Atomizer replacement

BHO Atomizer replacement, compatible with resin vaporizer D-Lux . This part is responsible for the vaporization of the resin, and in case that your atomizer of your vaporizer Spray-Om-Rizer stops working or gets excessively dirty, you only have to r [...]

  • 13.00€

Essenz BHO dome atomizer

Atomizer for marijuana oil, with borosilicate dome, which will result in a much purer flavor than with metal encapsulated atomizers. This part is compatible with the batteries of e-Go electronic cigarettes of all capacities, as well as it is with th [...]

  • 25.00€

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