SUBSTRATE Mixing amendments. Alchimia video tutorial

In this Alchimia tutorial we prepare a mix of soil amendments to make the best substrate for an indoor home grow space. Whether we grow indoors or outdoors, using a good substrate is a crucial if we are to optimise the quality and yields of our cannabis plants.

Alchimia Growing Happiness

There are as many growing techniques as there are growers, here at Alchimia and elsewhere too, but we promised we’d show you the soil mix that we use to grow our girls.

In this video we’re going to make 100L of substrate, which is what we normally use.

And more or less, what fits in this container.

Yes, we’ve got 2 50L sacks of BIO TERRA Plus (BioCanna), 20kg of AsturHumus & 5L Plagron SuperMIX.

With the Astur Humus and the Super MIX, we’ll use half. As you can see we’ve chosen a substrate that’s high in coco fibre. And because the substrate we’ve chosen is fairly inert, we’ll add the necessary Nitrogen with the ASTURHUMUS Worm Humus 20kg.

And the Plagron MIX will add trace elements and minerals for our plants’ first stage of growth.

We’ll start with the mix, adding a sack of Bio Terra Plus… when we’re done, we add half a sack of Astur Humus.

Careful, it’s heavy!

Blimey, you’re not wrong!We see the MIX, we see the AsturHumus which is darker…

For the mix to be homogenous, before we add the 2nd sack we’ll stir it well.

Let’s give Maria a hand, stirring well and adding the other sack. Stir it well again and now we’ve got our 100L of soil ready. Okay Maria, you’re making it dizzy, hahaha.


If you want to reuse the substrate, what we do is, after the 1st harvest we add a couple of bags of SimbioSoil Plus to the 100L and it’s ready to use again.

There’s more information on the product page of our website.

Now we’ve prepared our soil and it’s ready to use. We’ll save what we didn’t use for next time.

We invite you to make your own mixes.

Down there, in the comments, you can tell us what innovations you’ve made with your substrate.

We can’t wait to read about it. See you later!

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