Volcano HYBRID vaporiser. Tutorial video

Alchimia videotutorial in which we present the “new” Volcano HYBRID tabletop vaporiser from the prestigious brand Storz & Bickel, with a detailed explanation of its operation and the use of its components.

The Volcano HYBRID is the new evolved and improved version of the mythical Volcano CLASSIC and Volcano DIGITAL from Storz&Bickel, which in a few seconds delivers cannabis vapour of the highest purity and quality, via the balloons or vapour bags that we already know from previous versions, and now also with the option of vaporising through an inhalation tube.

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Transcript of Volcano HYBRID video tutorial :

The king of tabletop vaporisers is back, Storz & Bickel, with this Volcano HYBRID. Let’s see how it works...

The box contains, evidently, the big Volcano HYBRID with its inhalation tube and 4 bags or mouthpieces of this type, the Easy Valves, one of which is very easy to attach and remove from the bag. You’ll see it has a washer which comes off and on very easily, to change bags.

What else have we got? 2 air filters, for the air intake, to change in the unit, it’s very easy to change too, a screen for oils and resins, the spare screens for the bowl, for when ingest dirty or breaks, a manual in various languages, a Storz&Bickel grinder and the cleaning brush.

We’ve connected the unit to the mains and the display we see is this. To make it work is very easy, we simply push the “Heat” button and the bowl begins to heat up. Below it shows the temperature we want to vaporise at (in white) and above we see the temperature of the bowl rising.

This can be adjusted by the “Minus” button (see the vaporisation temperature want go down) or “Plus”. Let’s put it at, for example, 175ºC. We’ll see that when the orange temperature is the same as the white one, which is what we want to vaporise at, it vibrates… Did you hear? It vibrated, meaning it’s ready to vaporise.

What else does it have? The button for the air pump. Press where it says “Air” and with the classic vaporisation of the Volcano the air passes through the bowl.

Let’s fill the bowl and vaporise for the first time with a classic Volcano bag.

We take some PURE CBD PUNCH in this case, from Philosopher Seeds, a bud that we’ve stored here and with the same grinder that came in the box we’ll grind it…

Okay. We close the bowl and put it in its place. Once it reaches the temperature at which we’ll vaporise we push “Air” for 5 seconds to heat the circuit up and now we can fit the valve and start to fill the bag.

We’ve filled the bag with vapour, we remove it, fit the mouthpiece… and with one hand we squeeze the bag to press it and with the other…

One of the new features of this Volcano HYBRID is that we can use it via a mobile app. This app connects to the unit via Bluetooth so the first thing we’ll do is connect the Bluetooth, pushing “Minus” and “Air” until the Bluetooth symbol appears on the screen and we see the mobile has connected.

From here we can do everything, from starting to warm up with “Heat”, we see it starts up, reduce the temperature, raise it or start the air pump. But one of the most interesting things is, in the tabs below, “Workflows/Interactions”,  where we can program vape sessions. For example, this that we’ve already done, “Iteration 1” is heat to 170ºC, or the bowl, sustained for 1 minute while we vaporise, we give it 5ºC when the minute is up and we start again.

This is very interesting, as well as these applications, in the App there’s much more to discover.

For those that enjoy Resins and Concentrates, we have this metallic sponge which we fit into the bowl and we’d take, in this case Rosin, we’d put it inside, stead it and close the bowl… and now we can vaporise.

And the big new feature of the Volcano HYBRID is this inhalation tube, which fits easily here, over the bowl, we adjust the temperature and there’s no need to use the pump. We simply inhale…

Brilliant! The Volcano HYBRID, the king of tabletop vaporisers. You can find the link in the text below:


...or if not, go to www.alchimiaweb.com and search for VOLCANO HYBRID

Until next time!

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