Cloning genetics 2: Rooting & transplant. Alchimia video tutorial

This is the 2nd part of our Alchimia tutorial “Cloning Genetics”, in which we explain the necessary details to properly transplant once our Cannabis clones have rooted.

Alchimia Growing Happiness

Hi. 15 days have passed since we cut the clones, so today we’ll check how they’re doing and transplant the ones that are ready.

During this time they’ve been at te correct temperature and humidity and now we’re going to check which varieties have rooted and which ones need a few more days.

Look this clone of Face Off is totally rooted and needs transplanting. On the other hand, this Gorilla still hasn’t rooted, so we’ll have to wait a few days more.

Cleanliness is very important. In this case I’ll use gloves but if you don’t have any you can wash your hands really well or use hand sanitiser. On this occasion we’re going to use BioTabs Micorrizas, Canna Rhizotonic, 1.4L pots and substrate. We’ll show you the soil mix we make in another video Alchimia...

Fill the pot to 3/4 with soil, make a little hole, add the micorrizas ( Mycotrex ), place the jiffy in the pot, finish filling the pot with soil, press down and label it.

Don’t worry if the leaves of the clones look a but yellow. They’ll recover their colour a few days after the transplant. In any case, we can always remove the lowest leaves.

Now to prepare the irrigation water. Here we’ve got 10L water, so we need 40ml of CANNA Bio Rhizotonic. If you’re preparing 5L, halve the amount. Mix it well, and now Ito the watering can. The root stimulator provides the roots with complete and balanced nutrition. We’ll put them in the veg tent and it’s very important to maintain the correct temperature and humidity levels.

There’s a load of posts on our blog to help you with your grow. Just go to and look in the “Growing Guide”.

I look forward to reading your comments below, seeya!

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