ROSIN 2.0 Cannabis extraction. Alchimia video tutorial

Marihuana extracts are becoming more and more popular in the cannabis community. Today we’ll see the best techniques for making Rosin cannabinoid extractions from our homegrown harvest. We talk about the equipment you’ll need to make good quality ROSIN and all the most important tips and tricks to this extraction method.

Alchimia Growing Happines

What? I’m making you envious, right? Come on, I’ll show you how to do a good ROSIN extraction

You can make it with trim but the quality and return won’t be as good, or with nice, resinous buds but it seems a shame to press them… or with your buds if you had problems with hermaphrodites or a stray male pollinated them, you should separate the seeds from the buds because they result in a bad taste.

Really, we advise you to try it, because the resulting ROSIN will depend on many factors, right Macro?

Yes, it depends on the variety, the size of micron of the filter bag, it also depends on the temperature, the pressure and of course, the humidity levels of our flowers.

We’d advise you to press your flowers around 5, 6, 7 days after harvesting. If you can’t but you’ve got an older jar of weed that’s maybe a bit dry, we’ve got these sachets to regulate humidity. You put it in for a few days and they’ll regain enough humidity to press well.

We’ll need parchment paper, a pre-press and a scale. It’s important to select the right bags, on our website you can find different brands, different sizes and different microns. Which are we going to use, Macro?

ROSIN accessories

We’re going to use 160 micron bags, which we like a lot for flowers. We could also use a 90 micron bag or the smaller 25 micron bag, which are best for pressing Hash.

We’re going to prepare around 20g of our Key Lime Pie x Do-Si-Dos by Philosopher Seeds and it’s very important to separate the buds from the stems.

Depending on the press you’re using, there are various sizes of pre-press, you’ll find them all on our Website.

We’ll put the flowers in the pre-press. We put them in like this… and press it. To properly compact it we’ll use this clamp. While we leave the pre-press in the clamp we’ll prepare the bags. We’re using this ROSIN Evolution 160 micron bag.

We’re going to turn it inside out to leave the stitching on the outside, that way we won’t lose any Rosin in the stitches and it’s easier to put the brick in.

Now we’ve got the bag ready so this step should be fairly swift, right? Once we take the back out of the pre-press we must get it into the bag quickly, before it swells up again.

It’s a bit hard to get into the bag, so you can use tools like this to help and make it a bit easier. Nearly there… and done.

We’re going to make this envelope of parchment to put the brick into.

On this occasion we’re using this QNUBU 20 ton manual press

There are also automatic presses, if you prefer.

I’m going to put the brick in. For the first minute we’ll press with 10 tons of pressure, so we don’t burst the bag, and go carefully… and for the remaining minute and a half we’ll press a bit more, up to 20 tons.

The timer’s gone off so we can release the pressure.

Here we have the result of the extraction. Mmmmmmm… now we put it in the fridge for a few minutes.

This variety, look how solid it comes off the press. We collect it up carefully to leave nothing on the parchment.

Check out how good this looks!

You’re right. The return was around 10% but as I already said it depends on the variety. And to store it, it’s better to use glass than silicone.

And to say farewell I’ll leave you with a tip: there’ always some resin left in the pressed brick, so I recommend a glass jar, extra-virgin olive oil and put the brick inside.

As you can see, you’ll be able to enjoy top-quality Cannabis oil !!

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