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Rosin is a relatively new type of non-solvent extraction method allowing users to safely produce high purity cannabis concentrates from their own homegrown harvested flowers and hashish without the need of complicated extraction systems, costly vacuum ovens or potentially dangerous gasses.

Using only heat and pressure, anyone can quickly and easily transform their dried flowers or homemade hashish into a clean and residue-free oil suitable for dabbing with a bubbler and an enail, consuming in a wax vaporiser or simply smoking in a joint.

Initially the process of extracting without solvents was done with hair straightening irons, for its simplicity and ease to find this type of appliances in any appliance store ... The system has evolved to develop the famous Rosin Presses, made expressly to extract the maximum resin from your buds.

With its low startup cost and no risk of explosions, rosin is a perfect way for homegrowers to assure safety and total quality control over what they consume, from germination right up to vaporisation.

In this category you'll find as accessories like mesh bags, parchment paper and dabber tools to collect the end product.

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Qnubu Extraction Paper

Qnubu, the well-known Rosin press brand, introduces its specially designed paper for resin extractions. It is now available in our cannabis extraction accessories catalogue at Alch [...]

  • 6.50€ 5.20€

Mr. Hide Extracts 10 nylon filter bags

Now available at Alchimiaweb, these practical bags for Rosin by Mr. Hide Extracts are made of 100% resistant nylon to ensure maximum strength and durability. Its m [...]

  • 160 microns 10.40€ 9.35€
  • 120 microns 10.40€ 9.35€
  • 90 microns 10.40€ 9.35€
  • 73 microns 10.40€ 9.35€
  • 45 microns 10.40€ 9.35€
  • 25 microns 10.40€ 9.35€

Graveda Rosin Bags 5,1 x 11,4 cm

The Graveda rosin bags are a necessary complement to extract rosin with the Graveda presses, both manual and automatic, adapting perfectly to the 12 x 6 cm [...]

  • 160 micras (Out of stock) 8.45€ 7.60€
  • 90 micras (Out of stock) 8.45€ 7.60€
  • 25 micras 8.45€ 7.60€
  • 8.45€ 7.60€

Qnubu Rosin XL Silicone Jar

Alchimia Grow Shop presents here Qnubu Rosin XL Silicone Jar, ideal for storing and keeping safe from light your Rosin and BHO [...]

  • 1.70€

Extraction Paper Graveda

Alchimia presents this non-stick extraction paper from Graveda, now available in our catalogue of accessories for cannabis extractions. Graveda's non-stick paper has [...]

  • 100 single paper 30x30 cm 19.90€ 15.90€

Qnubu Mini Silicone Jar 2ml

These Qnubu mini silicone containers are ideal for storing your Rosin or BHO type cannabis resin, protected fro [...]

  • 1.10€ 0.85€

Round silicone mat Qnubu

Alchimia offers this 12.7cm diameter round silicone mat made by the Qnubu brand. This non-stick properties of this silico [...]

  • Ø: 12,7cm 3.50€

Rosin Evolution Medium Bags

Rosin Evolution bags are specially designed to withstand high temperatures and pressures during rosin extraction, now available at in a range of di [...]

  • 160 micron 15.00€
  • 90 micron 15.00€
  • 37 micron 15.00€
  • 25 microns 15.00€

Rosin Evolution Large Bags

These Large Rosin Bags, made by Rosin Evolution are available on, perfect to carry out large rosin extractions, with dimensions of [...]

  • 160 micron (Out of stock) 18.90€
  • 90 micron 19.90€
  • 25 micron 19.90€
  • 37 micron 21.00€

Qnubu stackable silicone jar

We are glad to present at the Qnubu stackable silicone jar, to store your cannabis resin type Rosin, [...]

  • 3.90€

Qnubu Glass Silicone Jar

Now available at Alchimia Grow Shop the Qnubu Glass Jars with silicone lid, designed to store BHO, Rosin or hashish. It [...]

  • 6ml 1.50€

Rosin Evolution Small Bags

Rosin Evolution bags are specially designed to withstand high temperatures and pressure produced by Rosi [...]

  • 160 micron (Out of stock) 13.00€
  • 37 micron 13.00€
  • 90 micron (Out of stock) 13.90€
  • 25 microns (Out of stock) 13.90€

Qnubu Barrel Silicone Jar

The Qnubu Barrel Silicone Jar is now available in Alchimia Grow Shop, it is designed to store your Rosin or BHO [...]

  • 2.90€

Qnubu 4+1 Stackable Silicone Jar

We are glad to present in our catalogue at the Qnubu square and stackable silicone jars, ideal for storing Rosin, BHO or h [...]

  • 25ml 6.90€

Qnubu Skull XL Silicone Jar

Qnubu Skull XL Silicone Jars are designed for storing Rosin, BHO or hashish, protecting the content from light and dust, keeping [...]

  • 15ml 3.90€

MedicalNets Rosin Press Filter Bag

Alchimia presents MedicalNets rosin bags, filters intended to resist both pressure and temperatures applied during rosin extractions performed with a press. This product is now ava [...]

  • 220 micron 14.00€
  • 73 micron 14.00€
  • 45 micron 14.00€
  • 25 micron 14.00€

Qnubu 6+1 Stackable Silicone Jar

You can find now in our catalogue at the Qnubu 6+1 Stackable Silicone Jar, perfect for storing up to 7 different cannabis resin samples such as BHO [...]

  • 8.00€

Nylon Mesh Bag for Rosin

Discover theses Nylon mesh bags for Rosin in the Alchimia catalogue. These bags will allow you to make extractions of Rosin starting from dry flowers or hashish [...]

  • 37 mc 45.00€ 42.75€

Rosin Pre-Press

Optimise your Rosin extractions using the Rosin Evolution Pre-Press. Now available online in our catalogue at [...]

  • Cube: 3.81x3.81x5.08 cm 144.50€
  • L: 3.81x8.25x5.08 cm (Out of stock) 174.50€
  • XL: 6.35x11.43x5.08 cm 199.50€
UP TO 10%

Rosin Bags 5 Pack S

Alchimia presents here these rosin bags from Parke de Extracciones, renowned for the quality of their [...]

  • 140 microns 14.50€ 13.05€
  • 73 microns (Out of stock) 14.50€
  • 45 microns (Out of stock) 14.50€
  • 25 microns (Out of stock) 14.50€

Rosin Evolution digital timer

Alchimia offers this handy digital timer from Rosin Evolution, the ideal accessory to have better control over the pressing time and heat for your Rosin extraction [...]

  • 9.50€

Parchement Lion Rolling Circus

Alchimia is glad to present Lion Rolling Circus extractions roll, an unbleached heat-resistant parchment paper roll. This paper can be used to make BHO or [...]

  • (Out of stock) 4.50€

Graveda Thermometer for bangers

Graveda's banger thermometer is a precision instrument for lovers of resin extracts who seek maximum precision in terms of the consumption [...]

  • (Out of stock) 69.99€

Mr. Hide Extracts Rosin Pre-Press Mold

Rosin extractions have become highly professional in recent times, with presses, rosin bags or accessories such as pre-pressing molds that make the task easier while improving resu [...]

  • 89.00€ 80.10€

Qnubu Skull Silicone Jar

We are happy to present at Alchimia Grow Shop the Qnubu Skull silicone jar, designed to store your Rosin, BHO and even hashish, preventing it from [...]

  • 1.60€

Qnubu Soccer Silicone Jar

We are happy to present at the Qnubu soccer ball silicone jar, designed to store your Rosin, BH [...]

  • 4.90€

Qnubu Double Canister Silicone Jar

We are glad to offer in our catalogue at Alchimia Grow Shop, the Qnubu Double Canister silicone box. It is ideal for storing and keeping safe from dust and light a small amount of [...]

  • (Out of stock) 1.90€

Dabber dual tip

Alchimia is happy to include in our dab accessories catalogue this multi-function dabber. This useful tool helps you to remo [...]

  • (Out of stock) 8.50€

GG Ceramic Carb Cap/Dabber (CR01)

Grace Glass, a company dedicated to the manufacture of bongs, bubblers and accessories for water pipes, presents here this ceramic Carb Cap for dabbing. Th [...]

  • 12.95€

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