Rosin Accessories

Munchie Silicone Bowl by Piecemaker

We present the Munchie Bowl by Piecemaker, a very practical silicone bowl when preparing all kinds of extractions. It can even be used as a food bowl (once cleaned please!). It is made of food grade silicone, so you can make whatever you need with n [...]

  • Laney Yellow14.00€
  • Rasta Swirl14.00€

Kontainer Silicone Pot by Piecemaker

Small silicone pot ideal for carrying our extractions, with no loss of quality and zero risk of breaking the container. It is made of food grade silicone, with two models, Ghini Green and Kamo. [...]

  • Ghini Green6.00€
  • Kamo (Out of stock)6.00€

Qnubu Double Canister Silicone Jar

We are glad to offer in our catalogue at Alchimia Grow Shop, the Qnubu Double Canister silicone box. It is ideal for storing and keeping safe from dust and light a small amount of Rosin, BHO, and even water or dry hashish obtained from your cannabis [...]

  • 1.20€

Qnubu Skull XL Silicone Jar

Qnubu Skull XL Silicone Jars are designed for storing Rosin, BHO or hashish, protecting the content from light and dust, keeping in perfect condition their aromatic properties and cannabinoids. It is now available at Alchimia Grow Shop. Qnubu Skull [...]

  • 15ml3.90€

Qnubu Rosin XL Silicone Jar

Alchimia Grow Shop presents here Qnubu Rosin XL Silicone Jar, ideal for storing and keeping safe from light your Rosin and BHO concentrates, and even your hashish samples. Qnubu Rosin XL Silicone Jar, cylindrical and with large capacity This small [...]

  • 1.70€

Qnubu Soccer Silicone Jar

We are happy to present at the Qnubu soccer ball silicone jar, designed to store your Rosin, BHO and even hashish, preventing it from getting dirty or degraded. Qnubu Soccer Silicone Jar, with a 8ml capacity This box is made of food [...]

  • 4.90€

Qnubu stackable silicone jar

We are glad to present at the Qnubu stackable silicone jar, to store your cannabis resin type Rosin, BHO and even hashish, keeping its cannabinoids and your terpenes safe from the light exposure. Qnubu Stackable Silicone Jars, 9ml ca [...]

  • 2.00€

Mr. Hide Extracts Rosin Pre-Press Mold

Rosin extractions have become highly professional in recent times, with presses, rosin bags or accessories such as pre-pressing molds that make the task easier while improving results both in terms of quality and quantity. Thanks to the pre-press mo [...]

  • 89.00€
UP TO 25%

Mr. Hide Extracts 10 nylon filter bags

Now available at Alchimiaweb, these practical bags for Rosin by Mr. Hide Extracts are made of 100% resistant nylon to ensure maximum strength and durability. Its mesh design allows the resin to escape from the inside of the bag without any problem du [...]

  • 25 microns10.40€ 8.32€
  • 45 microns10.40€ 8.84€
  • 73 microns (Out of stock)10.40€
  • 90 microns10.40€ 8.84€
  • 120 microns10.40€
  • 160 microns10.40€ 7.80€

Graveda Thermometer for bangers

Graveda's banger thermometer is a precision instrument for lovers of resin extracts who seek maximum precision in terms of the consumption temperature of their trichome extractions, such as rosin. Temperature control on the banger By being able to [...]

  • 69.99€

Qnubu Glass Silicone Jar

Now available at Alchimia Grow Shop the Qnubu Glass Jars with silicone lid, designed to store BHO, Rosin or hashish. It prevents contain from oxidizing caused by the light effect, or getting dirty with dust. It keeps its aromatic properties to the m [...]

  • 6ml1.50€

Qnubu Barrel Silicone Jar

The Qnubu Barrel Silicone Jar is now available in Alchimia Grow Shop, it is designed to store your Rosin or BHO cannabis concentrates, and even your hashish samples, safe from light and dust. Qnubu Rosin XL Silicone Barrel, with 11ml capacity This [...]

  • 2.90€

Qnubu Mini Silicone Jar 2ml

These Qnubu mini silicone containers are ideal for storing your Rosin or BHO type cannabis resin, protected from air, dust and light, so that they retain all their properties, now online at Qnubu Mini Silicone Bottle, with 2ml capac [...]

  • 1.10€

Parchement Lion Rolling Circus

Alchimia is glad to present Lion Rolling Circus extractions roll, an unbleached heat-resistant parchment paper roll. This paper can be used to make BHO or Rosin extractions, ensuring that the resin is easily recovered without toxic residues from the [...]

  • 4.50€

Qnubu 4+1 Stackable Silicone Jar

We are glad to present in our catalogue at the Qnubu square and stackable silicone jars, ideal for storing Rosin, BHO or hashish resin, retaining the cannabinoids and aromatic properties and protecting the product from exposure to the [...]

  • 25ml (Out of stock)4.00€

Qnubu 6+1 Stackable Silicone Jar

You can find now in our catalogue at the Qnubu 6+1 Stackable Silicone Jar, perfect for storing up to 7 different cannabis resin samples such as BHO, Rosin or hashish, preserving the cannabinoids and aromatic terpenes in the best condi [...]

  • 8.00€

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