Qnubu stackable silicone jar

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We are glad to present at Alchimiaweb.com the Qnubu stackable silicone jar, to store your cannabis resin type Rosin, BHO and even hashish, keeping its cannabinoids and your terpenes safe from the light exposure.

Qnubu Stackable Silicone Jars, 9ml capacity

It is made using food grade silicone, ensuring that the resin extracted from our cannabis harvest will not be contaminated by unwanted residues.

It is made of non-stick material, preventing resin from sticking to the jar walls, which makes it very easy to handle.

We can remove a small amount of Rosin with a titanium or steel dabber very easily, without wasting even a little resin amount.

As silicone is an elastic material, the jar will not break if it falls to the ground, but will bounce or roll keeping our cannabis resin safe.

Qnubu Stackable Silicone Jars, with dimensions of 30x30x20mm

The screw and pressed cap contain the resin aroma inside, preventing it from attracting unwanted glances.

It has dimensions of 30x30x20mm and a 9ml capacity. It is designed in the form of a stackable piece and we can join several units easily making storage and transport very comfortable.

It has a colourful sea finish, mixing several red, green and blue tones providing a cheerful and psychedelic appearance.

Qnubu Stackable Silicone Jars info:

  • Food Grade Silicone Jar
  • Perfect for cannabis resins storage
  • 9ml capacity
  • Dimensions: 30x30x20mm
  • Full colour finish

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