Qnubu Pro Lion Hydraulic Rosin Press 20Ton

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Alchimia presents Press Pro Lion Hydraulic 20Ton by Qnubu, a Rosin press that offers professional results. Qnubu is a company specialised in cannabinoid extraction equipment, and offers a range of high quality Rosin presses. All the accessories and equipment for your Rosin extractions are available in our catalogue.

Thanks to this hydraulic press, with a 20T of pressure, you can extract a maximum of resin with no need to use solvent, and with no risks for your safety. It can be quickly obtained a cannabis extraction, safe for consumption and rich in terpenes and cannabinoids.

This press comes with 2 models of plates of different sizes. They can be interchange up to your needs, both are rectangular. One set measures 12cm x 12cm and the other 7.6cm x 25cm, more pressing surface. This allows to press up to 2-3 samples simultaneously.

The plates are individually heated. They are large enough to extract an important quantity per session. In addition, mechanically, the maximum separation between plates when the hydraulics are raised is 50mm, which is sufficient to insert the samples.

It can be expected a yield of up to 10% when using a classic variety. For particularly resinous varieties, the return can be as high as 30%. A variety like Biker Kush by Karma Genetics, for example, provides impressive results in extractions.

Qnubu Press Pro Lion Hydraulic 20Ton, professional quality for Rosin Hash

The temperatures are adjustable and visible on the two displays on the device. The information is easy to read thanks to a clear and precise digital display. The plates can be heated up to 200°C. Even though, we recommend for a proper operation and an optimal and quality extraction, the temperature should not exceed 90°C.

Press Pro Lion Hydraulic 20Ton is equipped with an acoustic alarm to signal when the pressure stops. The timer can be set up to 999 seconds, but as with the temperature, it is preferable to apply pressure for a maximum of 2-3 minutes only.

The pressure is generated by a pump placed next to the device and equipped with a pressure gauge, so the pressure can be monitored at all times. We advise progressive pressure during extraction so that the bag does not burst.

Qnubu Press Pro Lion Hydraulic 20Ton info:

  • Rosin Hydraulic Press
  • Pressure : 20 tons
  • Double set of interchangeable plates
  • Plate sizes : 12cm x 12cm and 7.6cm x 25cm
  • Temperatures : 0-200°C
  • Double temperature control
  • Timer 0-999 seconds
  • Acoustic alarm
  • Electrical voltage : 220V
  • Consumption : 1400W/h
  • Weight : 60 Kg

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DerLöwe 04-04-2022
Hello, my press does not open :( I tried everything, but it won’t release the pressure… please help, thanks

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